New York Mink Fur Hats

We live in an increasingly-urban world, but that doesn't mean that the styles and sensibilities of this modern world don't borrow from our more rural roots. A prime example is our line of incredibly fashionable New York mink fur caps. These are inspired by the combination of classic mink headwear and the diverse and hectic life of a bustling metropolis.

About our New York Mink Fur Hats

With each of these hats you will be getting the kind of high quality that our customers have become accustomed to. They are made from genuine mink fur and feature a soft jersey lining for added comfort. They've been assembled using only durable materials so you can relax knowing that your beautiful hat will be with you for years to come. Each of these hats has been made in the USA.

Most of the line is available to you in your choice of classic black or mahogany, a very deep shade of brown. As these colors are eternal you can feel secure in the knowledge that they're not going out of style.

Every one of these hats is evocative of a different aspect of life. We've got the quintessential cabbie hat for those seeking to capture the heart of the city's above ground transportation. The baseball cap is a fantastic way to show off your New York sports pride, be it for the Yankees or the Mets. The gangster hat and brim hats pulse with hip-hop club and underground sensibilities.

But it's not all contemporary styling we offer. We've got some great classic styles as well. The fedora is a classic noir icon, perfect for evoking the spirit of a detective, old-time gangster, or g-man. Our applejack cap comes from a style of hat often called the newsboy because of its association with the hawkers of the city rags in the early 20th century. With the sailor hat we offer you a maritime classic. Finally, we can't leave all the back country out of the city, and we're giving you a trapper inspired ear flap hat.

So no matter what your style, you're sure to find something to suit you in this urban luxury collection.

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