About our Fur Earmuffs

Nothing duplicates genuine fur when it comes to the cozy protection it can deliver, and no body part more in need of such protection than your ears. Our fur earmuffs promise exceptional warmth, and the woman with a pair of them on her head can face the elements with confidence and taste. Softer and toastier than anything constructed of man-made materials, our fur earmuffs are available in a range of fur types: fox fur ear muffs, mink ear muffs, rabbit fur ear muffs and sheepskin ear muffs. Our ear muffs are available in a variety of colors and are designed so that one size fits all. Get your head into a pair of these soft winter essentials, or buy some as a gift for someone who can appreciate their comfy credentials.

Fashion fur ear muffs at very low prices! Find yourself a beautiful pair of earmuffs here in a number of different furs and colors. Fur Earmuffs are a fashion hit this winter. Keep your ears warm in luxurious style. Choose from a wide selection of Fox Fur Earmuffs, Mink Earmuffs, Rabbit fur and Sheepskin Earmuffs; all available in a variety of colors. Earmuffs are an affordable and attractive fur accessory. One size fits all, makes for a great gift idea.

These outstanding fur earmuffs will have you never wanting to take them off. All of our earmuffs are extremely warm and soft, they will keep your ears toasty warm during those frigid winter months. Love wearing earmuffs this season with a pair of fashion fur earmuffs from FurHatWorld!

Recent Reviews About our Fur Earmuffs

Fox Fur Earmuffs with Velvet band - Black Fox Fur Earmuffs with Velvet band - Black

Kathy from Charlotte NC
January 12, 2018
"I love my mink cuffed beanie and black fox ear muffs!!! I look stylish and feel glamourous when bundled up for the cold weather and snow!!! Arrived quickly also, thank you!"
Crystal Fox Fur Earmuffs with Velvet band Crystal Fox Fur Earmuffs with Velvet band

Thirza from Maryland
January 3, 2018
"Superb quality, thank you."
Exquisite Chinchilla Fur Earmuffs Exquisite Chinchilla Fur Earmuffs

Mrs.M. from BC Canada
January 2, 2018
"Exquisite ear muffs arrived very quickly indeed! Wore them the next day as it was cold and the wind was howling .... protected my ears just the way I was hoping they would!"
Sheared Rabbit Fur Earmuffs in Brown Sheared Rabbit Fur Earmuffs in Brown

Peg from Munster, IN
December 29, 2017
"This is not the first fur earmuffs I've purchased from FurHatWorld. I love them because they keep my ears warm, plus they are dressier than regular earmuffs and look good."
Rabbit Fur Earmuffs with Leather Band  in Brown Rabbit Fur Earmuffs with Leather Band in Brown

Melissa from Vancouver, BC
December 25, 2017
"This was to be my third winter with these earmuffs, but unfortunately they didn't make it - the headband itself snapped. Right up to that point they were great - warm and comfortable, as the muff sections are hinged so there is never more pressure on your ears than what is needed to keep them on. This was important since I wear glasses and this is always a problem with cheap earmuffs. The plastic inside the band looked to be good enough quality and was wider than cheap earmuffs' bands are, but I haven't exactly been gentle with them and nothing lasts forever. Would buy again, except I'm considering something more robust than rabbit due to all the rain we get here in Vancouver. On the extra plus side, the fur part comes off, so I have kept those parts for another use, or maybe I can swap them on my next pair!"
Rabbit Fur Earmuffs with Leather Band  in Black Rabbit Fur Earmuffs with Leather Band in Black

David from Ottawa,ON
December 12, 2017
"Very happy with this purchase."