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Accent your wardrobe with our comfortable men's winter gloves from Fur Hat World. Our fur gloves come in designs such as shearling sheepskin and warm Rabbit Fur. A warm pair of winter gloves or mittens is sure to emphasize your winter apparel. Our men's fur lined gloves are crafted with sturdy Napa leather for work or play. We present a variety of fur gloves and mittens to suit your individual style. Durable hard wear and comfortable lining put the finishing touch to your outfit. We offer a range of men and women's winter gloves to stay in style and brave the elements.

We are proud to offer 100% shearling sheepskin winter gloves and mitts at very affordable prices and in a number of color choices. Nothing beats real shearling sheepskin for warmth and comfort. Its natural breathable wool is perfect for keeping your hands warm but not sweaty. Whether youre skiing, shoveling or just hanging out outdoors, we have the perfect gloves for you!

All of our gloves are professionally manufactured to keep your hands extremely warm. Great for any outdoor activities to keep your hands away from the bitter cold. Popular exterior fabrics such as leather, suede and sheepskin keep the cold out, while the sheepskin and wool interiors keep your hands warm. Sheepskin absorbs moisture keeping your hands as dry as they are warm! Buy a pair today and never fear winter again!

Recent Reviews About our Men's Winter Gloves

Men's Cracked Vintage Sheepskin Mitts - Black Men's Cracked Vintage Sheepskin Mitts - Black

Oldblue from Welland, Ontario
June 13, 2018
"Very warm, very comfortable, great fit! Definitely what they are Cracked Up to be! Awesome!"
Men's Ultimate Klondike Mittens in Wheat Men's Ultimate Klondike Mittens in Wheat

Old Yeller from Brampton, Ontario Canada
May 1, 2018
"Do you have men in your family who are always losing their gloves and mittens? I do. My family, two sons, my husband and myself, have a cabin in central Ontario, we go there mostly to work, outside in the snow and cold. And every time, I am asked, "Have you seen my gloves?" There have also been complaints that the lined leather gloves they have, are not warm enough, nor do they stay dry. So I bought three pairs of the Ultimate Klondike Mittens, three pairs each of the Minnesota Suede Shearling Sheepskin Gloves, in Brown and in Black. The guys went to the cabin last weekend, late April, and there was still over 2 Feet of snow in the bush. And it was COLD! And then it rained...Sometimes we find ourselves far from any road, and it's -40 F. And we NEED something we can count on to keep our hands dry and warm, hypothermia is a killer after all. And we are using our hands to move downed trees, fix equipment, chop wood, and build fires to stay warm. I made sure I witnessed my sons packing their mittens and gloves in their "Go Bags". My husband forgot his, and went without. No one else complained about their hands freezing, or getting wet this time! They LOVE them, no cold fingers, no wet gloves. And since they each got three pairs of gloves and mittens, I hope they will have them for a long time. I am jealous though, the Klondike Mittens are not offered for women...So I will order myself a pair in Medium, and maybe the shearling gloves in black too! I want my hands to be warm and dry as well! (I am always COLD) And I can always use more gloves, right? This review also covers the Minnesota Suede Shearling Sheepskin Gloves too, so I don't have to write this again. Love you Fur Hat World! I am SO glad I discovered you!!! P.S. And it is GREAT to support a Canadian company!"
Men's Minnesota Brown Napa Leather Shearling Sheepskin Gloves Men's Minnesota Brown Napa Leather Shearling Sheepsk...

Metrics from New York City
March 14, 2018
"The black Napa gloves I bought earlier this winter are just perfect in every way, so when they went on sale recently, I ordered a pair of the brown Napa gloves which arrived yesterday. They fit just as well as my black ones. Couldn't be more pleased with the gloves and the company. For the price/value, cannot be beat. I am recommending them to all my friends and family."
Men's Minnesota Black Napa Leather Shearling Sheepskin Gloves Men's Minnesota Black Napa Leather Shearling Sheepsk...

Metrics from New York City
March 14, 2018
"Great looking black gloves, very warm and fit well. Service was also excellent as I had to return for a larger size. So pleased that when the Brown Napa gloves went on sale last week, I ordered a pair immediately which arrived promptly yesterday."
Men's Minnesota Black Napa Leather Shearling Sheepskin Gloves Men's Minnesota Black Napa Leather Shearling Sheepsk...

Dave from Stourbridge uk
March 13, 2018
"Very good quality, all sizes on tight size ,best to order next size up ,to what you normally have."
Men's Minnesota Black Napa Leather Shearling Sheepskin Gloves Men's Minnesota Black Napa Leather Shearling Sheepsk...

Metrics1 from New York city
February 20, 2018
"I ordered the wrong size and had to return the medium for a large. Lesson learned, measure your hand carefully using the sizing instructions when ordering. The large fits me perfectly. I could have avoided the wasted return round-trip by paying attention instead of just ordering my usual medium. Napa finish cost a bit more, but looks great and offers natural water proof protection that the suede does not. I have Reynaud's so need especially warm gloves. These do the job nicely. I have already recommended them to my two sons and a friend and would buy the brown as well if they go on sale. Doubt that I will need to buy gloves again for several years, but will buy these again for sure!"

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