Classic Fur Trapper Hats - Made in Canada


About our Trapper Hats

The classic back country sensibilities of these hats are clear as day, which is why we've dubbed the line our classic trapper hats. With roots in the trapping hats of the coureur des bois, or French-Canadian woodsmen, these fine pieces of headgear are both functional and warm. They are just perfect for outdoor activities of all types, work or play.

This line of hats has a broad range of options to suit any wardrobe or budget. Out hats' colors range from the off-white of coyote fur and badger fur through rich browns such as those found in the muskrat fur or beaver fur and on to the deep blacks of mouton sheepskin and mink fur; you're certain to find something in the batch to go with your personal style. From the nylon-shelled Ontario Provincial Police-issue mouton sheepskin trapper hat, all the way up to trapper hats made from mink and genuine leather, we've got an option for your wallet.

These hats offer different materials to keep you warm. Mouton sheepskin, shearling sheepskin, muskrat fur, badger fur, raccoon fur, coyote fur, beaver fur, sheared beaver fur, and mink fur are all options we've made available to you. Each has its own color characteristics, softness, and warmth profile so you can select something you find both stylish and utilitarian.

The shells and lining of our classic trapper hats have been made of high quality materials as well. From nylon to canvas to fine leathers, we've ensured that only hats made of durable and attractive materials are sold in our store. The inner lining of these hats are very comfortable, making each of these headpieces a pleasure to wear even for extended periods of activity. And you can feel free to be as active as you need because each of these hats features sturdy ties designed to keep your hat securely on your head.

Recent Reviews About our Trapper Hats

OPP Mouton Sheepskin Trapper Hat OPP Mouton Sheepskin Trapper Hat

November 13, 2017
"Nice Quality Trapper Hat , Paid Postage for Tracking"
Sheared Beaver Trapper Hat Sheared Beaver Trapper Hat

Kris from Sweden
November 6, 2017
"Delivery was fast. Beautiful soft fur and leather. Good quality. A little thinner then I thought but love it. A little snug on the size but otherwise a comfy good fit in my usual size which is large."
Black Mouton Sheepskin Trapper Hat Black Mouton Sheepskin Trapper Hat

Bill from U.K.
October 20, 2017
"Fast delivery to the U.K., just a few days, well packaged and what a great hat, it feels comfortable and warm and is true to size. I can’t fault the quality, everything is just right."
Black Mouton Sheepskin Trapper Hat Black Mouton Sheepskin Trapper Hat

John from Lithgow , Australia
May 27, 2017
"High quality , super warm hat . Fur Hat World service was exellent . I would highly recomend this hat ."
Canadian RCMP Muskrat Fur Jockey Trapper Hat Canadian RCMP Muskrat Fur Jockey Trapper Hat

Jim from Indianapolis
March 21, 2017
"Fit was good. Arrived in 3 days. A bit disappointed in the flimsy ribbon for tying under the chin. Have another similar hat with a snap button strap."
Canadian RCMP Muskrat Fur Jockey Trapper Hat Canadian RCMP Muskrat Fur Jockey Trapper Hat

Nira from USA
March 19, 2017
"Hat was shipped when said would be. Packaging was OK, was placed in small box with a tissue paper wrapped around hat. Hat is going to be a 2017 CHRISTMAS gift, the hat is very nice looking, craftsmanship is very good. Would order again from this company!"