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Fur Hat World is a longstanding furrier that sells only the highest quality fur and sheepskin products. A comprehensive and well-established resource for cozy, stylish warm winter headwear and accessories. Fur Hat World features top specialty fur brands like FRR™ and Mad Bomber® with an emphasis on items made in Canada and the USA. At Fur Hat World, the priority is to offer products with the highest standard in quality, the latest innovative and functional designs, and the hottest fur styles and fashion trends at the lowest prices. You save over 50% from buying the same items at major department stores. The pricing philosophy is to offer every-day low prices that are fair and consistent. You will find honest low prices every day. Just read the customer reviews to find out more. + Read More...

The store's assortment of fine fur hats is extensive. Men can shop from a line of more than 200 unique models of men's fur hats. Stay warm and look cool in the latest fashion forward styles including rabbit fur Bomber® hats and Aviator hats with their retro WWII bomber pilot styling. Shop for the always popular Russian style hats featuring full fur Ushanka Hats and Cossack style hats available in various furs like mink and shearling sheepskin.

The store's selection of women's fur hats includes an equally impressive range of options, all of them genuinely warm and ideally suited for cold weather. In all, there are more than 250 different types of women's real fur head toppers available. The Fashion Fur Hats category features fox fur hats including the popular Zhivago Pillbox style and the roller hat style in fox fur and mink. The American mink hats are offered in black mink, mahogany mink and white mink. The casual winter hats section features shearling sheepskin hats as well as rex rabbit hats and other stylish furry hats in numerous designs. The store also boasts an exceptional collection ladies fur lined Trapper Hats and full fur Ushanka style Russian Hats including fur trim Trooper hat styles in a great choice of fur and sheepskin options.

Stay warm and look great with glamorous yet cozy fur accessories. Shop through a vast selection of real fur headbands and fur ear muffs to fur leg warmers with matching fur gloves collars and cuffs. The fur scarves collection is abundant with warm fox fur, mink, rabbit and Mongolian lamb scarves in a number of fashion colors. For those who take warm winter style seriously, browse the fur coats, jackets and fur vest category featuring knit mink, fox, and rabbit fur. The popular choice for weddings and formal gatherings is the classic fur shawl. Choose from over 50 styles of fur shawls and stoles to wrap yourself in.

Fur Hat World ships to every country in the world with fast UPS shipping within the United States and Canada, and low cost international postal shipping to the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, and the rest of the world. Fast daily shipments are sent to Fur Hat and Trapper Cap crazy England in the UK, the Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and The Netherlands. The store makes every transaction easy by offering checkout in either the USA dollar or the Canadian dollar and providing currency equivalent display for the Australian dollar the Great Britain pound and the Euro.



What our customers are saying

Blaze Orange B-52 Aviator Hat with Black Rabbit Fur for Men Blaze Orange B-52 Aviator Hat with Black Rabbit Fur ...
Verified Buyer

Lil from Kentucky, USA
March 7, 2019

"My son kept trying to find a hat like this that fit him. This one actually did. It fit perfectly (the size is adjustable) and it's incredibly warm. He stands outside to smoke and the temperature has been single digits. While the wind chill has been below zero. He said, so far, his head has not gotten even a little bit cold (even though he just shaved his hair off). Plus, they said three day delivery and they meant it. We couldn't possibly be happier."

Sheared Rabbit Fur Earmuffs in Brown Sheared Rabbit Fur Earmuffs in Brown
Verified Buyer

Maryann from New Jersey
March 6, 2019

"I am so glad I found these!!! I've been searching for this exact thing for years. I had a pair since 2nd grade which I still was wearing even though it was now missing sections of fur. They were over 50 years old! I loved them because it never looked like you were wearing earmuffs -- no bulgy things sticking out the side of your head. It looks more like a band. This is exactly what I have been looking for. They are BEAUTIFUL!!! I ordered the brown because the black was not in stock. I'm glad I ordered brown. It is a very dark brown, almost black and looks very classy! Thank you FurHat World for knowing what consumers like! I just ordered a rabbit fur hat for my husband for his birthday. Service was quick! Thank you again!!!"

Blaze Orange B-52 Aviator Hat with Black Rabbit Fur for Men Blaze Orange B-52 Aviator Hat with Black Rabbit Fur ...
Verified Buyer

Mark from Grant MI
February 27, 2019

"I discovered FurHatWorld while searching a vendor to replace my Mad Bomber fur hat.I found a good variety of real rabbit fur lined hats available for purchase. I decided to get the blaze orange and black rabbit fur lined cap. I received it in just a few days and I must say it is just awesome. I couldn't ask for a better, comfortable and warmer hat, especially with real rabbit fur in this price range. It seems to be pretty durable and will hold up to the rigors of being abused in winters to come. We'll see how it lasts over time, but I think its a real winner."

Luciana Blush Fox Fur Coat with Vertical Panels Luciana Blush Fox Fur Coat with Vertical Panels
Verified Buyer

Les from UK
February 27, 2019

"This jacket is to die for! Furhatworld have excelled yet again!! This classy, oh-so-sophisticated fox fur jacket, is beautiful in design, sooo girly in color and keeps me toasty warm! And, is so elegant..... I have had numerous compliments ever since I have worn it. People really comment on the gorgeous shade of pink and the very unique vertical panels on the sleeves... Which are so on trend... When I wear it, I feel like a princess... The blush shade of pink compliments my blonde long hair with blue eyes. The professionalism of Furhatworld is outstanding, and nothing is too much for the staff to do in helping their customers. The products that Furhatworld sell are high class... I will always buy my furs from this marvelous fur company. Long live Furhatworld!.... Long live Canada!... From a very happy customer"

Brown Suede Leather Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat for Men Brown Suede Leather Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

WinterChick from New Hampshire
February 26, 2019

"PROS 1) This hat ALWAYS keeps my head totally warm in negative temperatures we get here in New Hampshire. The coldest it gets here (so far) has been -19F (-28C) with the worst wind chills being -30F (-34c) 2) Hat is durable and made to last. This will be one of your favorite hats for years. 3) In extreme temperatures (polar vortex conditions with high winds) I can wear a polyprop balaclava underneath the hat fine. 4) I'm female, 5/7, and ordered the male XL bc it fit the circumference of my head. Fits fine. CONS ('Druthers) 4) Chin strap, at the widest setting, is uncomfortably snug. (It's doable, but I wish there the chin strap was longer. Note: it has a few snaps on it. But I use the longest length setting.) Not sure how well chin strap would work for men who have square (wide) jaw lines. 5) Interior of hat (for top of head area) is made of quality quilted silky material. Downside is hat can be slippery on your head in high winds. (See #4. Also see #3 for alternative use.) or if you wear a TurtleFur neck gaiter, when you tile your head back, it will push your hat forward over your brow line."

Jewel Slouchy Knit Beanie Hat with Finn Raccoon Pom Pom in Grey Jewel Slouchy Knit Beanie Hat with Finn Raccoon Pom ...
Verified Buyer

Luz from New York, NY
February 22, 2019

"I received my hat and I'm elated - it is really pretty. The style just stands out - I've received so many compliments on it already. The construction on the hat just over the top. I researched on Neiman Marcus and the one they had was not as nice as mine and much more expensive. I had a guy on the street just say "Hey Lady - I really like your hat!" Glad that I decided to return to FurHatWorld. I also just saw they have it in navy blue - the pain is real- I also want that one too. :)"

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