About our Fur Headbands

Fur hats are a magnificent way to accessorize your outfits, but there are times when you really want to show off that gorgeous head of hair you have just had done at the salon. In the colder months that might not be very practical without a bit of extra protection. Never fear, we have the perfect solution in our line of genuine fur headbands.

Our collection of headbands includes a wide variety of fur options. You can choose from fox fur, mink fur, rabbit fur, sheared beaver fur, coyote fur, raccoon fur, and beaver fur.

Of course this also means you have a fantastic range of colors to start with such as sultry blacks, beautiful deep browns, crisp whites, dignified grays, and more. But we have not been content to just bring you the classics. We have an amazing selection of colors in fact. Our fox fur offerings can be found in colors ranging from subtle hues like buff and camel through amazingly vibrant colors such as red and mango yellow.

With such a broad range of colors available you can accessorize pretty much any outfit. These headbands are even perfect for events where your choice of colors really say something, such as college rallies, international competitions, or major league sporting events.

For a truly amazing look for sports fans and patriots our fox fur headbands are actually wearable as scarves, and if you get a pair of cuffs to go along with them, you can easily represent your favorite country or team while looking great and keeping warm. Match a blue headband with a red collar and white cuffs to show off your pride in your country (which could of course be Great Britain, France, America, or a number of others) or you can swap out the red collar for an orange one if you're representing a certain hockey team from the middle of Canada.

The accessorizing you can do with these headbands is limitless. Whether you are starting out a new collection today, or adding a shade you do not have yet, you will be sure to find something that is perfect to add to your wardrobe.

Recent Reviews About our Fur Headbands

Eliana Silver Knit Fox Fur Head Band Eliana Silver Knit Fox Fur Head Band

Nibe from Uk
July 6, 2018
"A very comfortable soft band, it doesn’t look like a knitted band but because it is it becomes a good fit, not too tight not falling off. Could use it on the head or around the neck"
Natural Brown Beaver Fur Headband Natural Brown Beaver Fur Headband

Deb from Halifax, NS Canada
May 26, 2018
"My husband bought it for me this spring - best prices and availability is at that time of the year. I really like the quality, warmth, adjustable sizing feature. It covers the ears and forehead nicely. The fact that you can wear it as a scarf is an added feature."
Crystal Fox Fur Headband Crystal Fox Fur Headband

Adrianne S Ragin from Hanover, PA
May 15, 2018
"Looks beautiful, I love it."
Eliana Sapphire Knit Fox Fur Headband Eliana Sapphire Knit Fox Fur Headband

Booboo from Sydney
April 26, 2018
"Thank you. Order received within a week. Very beautiful and plush headband."
Black Fox Fur Headband Black Fox Fur Headband

None from Surrey UK
April 16, 2018
"Beautiful product again and excellent service. This was the 6th time I bought from FURWORLD and have never been disappointed"
Coyote Fur Headband Coyote Fur Headband

None from England
March 30, 2018
"Wonderful fur but it is shorter in length than the other fox fur ones that I have had, it fits me so not a problem but shorter!"

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