Why Fox Fur Hats Is a Trend That Will Never Get Old

Faux fur is a chic, fun trend that can be pulled out by anyone especially in winter. Fox hats are stylish, warm and cozy. Although some faux fur trends like poof purses, statement coats, luxe collars and fuzzy vests tend to disappear after a while, fox hats have stood the test of time.

Why Fox Fur Hats Is a Trend That Will Never Get Old

Real Fox Fur Hats Are Fashionable

Hats made from real animal far will add style and glamor to any type of outfit. It is said that in the past these hats could only be afforded by wealthy women in western countries who only bought exotic fashion accessories from overseas, and Russian women But they have since become cheap and popular to people from all social class.

The most popular fur hat is the Kubanka which is made in Russia from black fox. These hats are round in shape, soft to touch and with a flat top. The hats are flexible and can be worn with a wide range of clothing form overcoats to classic attire.

They Are Durable

Furry fox hats have been in existence for centuries. In fact, some Russian women claim that their fox hats have been passed through generations having been inherited from their mothers. Like other fashion trends, fox fur trends will mostly be first spotted on the runway before it is copied in the streets. These hats come in all sorts of colors, cuts, and designs and can be fake or real. They also come as both small and big giving them the ability to satisfy all style and trends.

They Can Match Any Look

It doesn’t matter what style or look you’re going for, there is a fur hat that can match any style. A black simple hat with no flaps can be paired with a silver statement earing and tights, trousers, dress or jeans. The furry hats have some effortlessly cool vibe that will make you look sophisticated no matter what you’re pairing it with.

You Can Get a Customized Hat

You can go to a fox hat designer for a customized real or fake fur hat that matches your taste. Although these hats are popularly spotted on women, they can also be worn by men especially for warmth during winter. Men can go for warm, mild colors like brown or black. For women, choose a color that matches your complexion and compliments the rest of your outfit.

Real Fox Fur Hats Are Fashionable

They Are a Classic That Will Never Age

For fur hats are made from quality fur which is mostly real. They are thick and dense and come in multiple colors of cream, white, brown, black among others. A lot of fashionistas go for the simple black hat since it can complement most skin types and outfits.

Fox hats are not just for winter. There are lots of beautiful fur hats that can complement your fall fashion. More good news is that you can buy these hats for the entire family from children of all ages to grandparents.