Different Kinds of Women’s Winter Hats

When it comes to winter fashion, women always make sure that they have everything on the list. They have the perfect boots, that slim fitted jeans, thick long sleeves, winter coat, and of course, winter hats. But when we say winter hats, we most definitely do not refer to beanies. We are way over the beanie days and we have moved on. Now, you might be wondering what is in store for you when it comes to women’s winter hats. Well, this article will give you a little bit of idea on the latest trends and styles when we talk about hats.

Different Kinds of Women’s Winter Hats

Structured Hats

It may not be obvious but this winter hat has grown to be one of the hottest of its kind. This is usually worn during formal occasions and when the weather outside is extremely chilly. It provides an ample amount of warmth to protect you from the harsh wind that winter season brings. The warmth it gives off is different from that of a regular hat and this is more fashionable and, well, more sophisticated. These kinds of women’s winter hats have become so bold and edgy that it gives us women a mysterious impression, especially when we’re out with friends at night. Also, these structured hats come in handy when you and your girlfriends decide to go to clubs that do not offer areas to cater to your coats. It provides reasonable warmth that can help you last and enjoy the night.

Trapper Hats

Trapper HatsOther than going for a plain and cliché beanie, maybe you should try putting on trapper hats. This women’s winter hat, once worn, steams off winter vibes everywhere. It has that country and cold impression that only hats like this can greatly pull off.

Forget about what Jason Biggs looked like in his movie Loser. He definitely did not know how to use trapper hats properly and he literally used it all throughout those four seasons in the move (winter, spring, summer, and fall) when he was not supposed to.

That gave a total bad image of this lovely hat. Trapper hats are so much more promising than you could ever imagine. Unlike structured hats, trapper hats give off a casual touch to your fashion sense. It looks good when paired with jeans, sweater, and your favorite casual boots. Trapper hats scream simplicity, ordinary, and of course, it screams winter.

Women should not forget to wear winter hats not just during the day. There are so much more reasons as to why winter hats are considered a must. Other than keeping you warm, it makes you look more serious about your outfit of the day, it creates that image of you who is more composed, and it definitely makes you look brave. We all know how tough it is to put on a hat that goes well with our outfit and to actually nail it all throughout the day. People will applaud you for that. Trust me.