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Ushankas feature a perfectly round hat crown which has three flaps. The two ear flaps have been designed to unfold in order to provide protection to the ears of the wearer. It is possible to wear the hat in a few different ways as a result, with varying degrees of protection for your skin. When fully unfolded and strapped around your chin, the hat protects your ears, cheeks and chin quite well. It can be quite effective in keeping you comfortable in extremely low temperatures as a result.

Since the Ushanka was heavily used in the mid to late 19th century by the Russian military as part of the Telogreika and Afghanka uniforms, it is often seen as stereotypically Russian. In fact it's so ingrained in the western image of Russia that is has been used in media such as film, television, and cartoons to depict the common "Ivan" as always wearing this hat. But in modern times this beautiful, iconic hat has also risen in prominence as a very fashionable and utilitarian piece of headgear.

You can easily make a classic splash with our fine selection of Ushankas. We have very affordable Ushankas made of real rabbit fur, as well as faux fur options. Since these are warm materials, you'll be kept toasty warm in the winter months and looking good the whole time. With our good selection of colors to choose from, you can find something that matches your particular style and wardrobe perfectly.

Recent Reviews About our Ushanka

Brown Rabbit Fur Russian Ushanka Hat for Men Brown Rabbit Fur Russian Ushanka Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

David from Las Vegas, NV
December 28, 2018

"Very pleased! I lived in Russia for several years in the 1990s and have many similar hats of various furs. My son whom I adopted from Russia wanted one of his own as a young adult. This hat is as good as any I've seen, tried, or owned. It was delivered as promised and fits well. The price was reasonable."

Black Frost Shearling Sheepskin Russian Hat for Men Black Frost Shearling Sheepskin Russian Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

DonS from Charlotte, North Carolina
December 16, 2018

"I bought this hat for a trip to Austria and Prague to tour the Christmas Markets this December, 2018. I have to say it was a great purchase and I would recommend anyone that is going to be outside in cold weather this is the hat for you. I left it in the room one day thinking it would be too warm for it, but the wind was up and the toboggan that I carried was not enough. Great quality, look and versatility. You can wear the ear muffs all the way up, adjust to cover your ears and then all the way down and fastened for maximum warmth. 5 stars."

Brown Rabbit Fur Russian Ushanka Hat for Men Brown Rabbit Fur Russian Ushanka Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

His Wife from Willimantic Ct
December 11, 2018

"My husband has wanted this type of hat for a long time. I found this site, found the hat and the price was excellent compared to other sites. Very well made. Not some cheap rabbit fur. Beautiful. Needless to say He loves it. My Husband is happy so I’m happy too."

Black Rabbit Fur Russian Ushanka Hat for Men Black Rabbit Fur Russian Ushanka Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

Gary from Toronto Canada
December 8, 2018

"Beautiful fur hat. So warm and well made. Service was excellent. It certainly causes some comments as well. So many people ask where I got it so lots of good advertising as well. Fit is exactly right and the quality so good. Great value. My ears are warm for the first time in weeks!"

Black Rabbit Fur Russian Ushanka Hat for Men Black Rabbit Fur Russian Ushanka Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

Poge from W. Bloomfield, MI
December 4, 2018

"This is a big Christmas gift that my grandson asked for. We looked in all the stores and did a lot of research to find one of such high quality and so well made. It arrived within 10 days and is as nice as I hoped it would be. He’ll be thrilled! Well worth the price and it will last forever."

Grey Rabbit Fur Russian Ushanka Hat for Men Grey Rabbit Fur Russian Ushanka Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

John from New Haven Area, CT USA
December 1, 2018

"Very impressed with this hat so far. I had one years ago that my dog chewed and it was really warm. We had some abnormally cold days early in the season here and I decided to replace the original with the grey rabbit fur model. The new hat is better built than the old one (that I also got from fur hat world). The fur is softer, the liner is better and the straps that now tie the flaps are leather-a really nice touch and needed. It came within a week of ordering."

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