Cossack Hats

Cossacks are members of varied ethnic groups which are native to the Eurasian steppes of the Ukraine and Russia. Since the 13th century varied Cossack hosts have inhabited the areas known today as the Ukraine and Russia. These Cossack peoples have developed a variety of cultures, but their strict hierarchy (akin to military ranks) and clear traditions of martial prowess have made all of them a regular feature in conflicts across the centuries in Europe and Asia.

About our Cossack Hats

As such, the image of the Cossack is one which often carries with it powerful, martial connotations. While there are a few different types of headgear associated with the Cossacks, our hats have been patterned after a design which offers a low, sleek profile and a handsome, rugged appearance. These are very similar to the kinds of hats associated with a number of Russian military units. Although this style is often considered mainly a hat for men, our Russian Cossack hats can look quite fetching on women as well.

Our high quality materials range from the luxury of mink to the prestige of beaver. Slightly more affordable yet still very attractive options are available in warm mouton sheepskin and realistic (and activist-friendly) faux fur. We offer you the choice of deep black or rich brown; both of which are of course classic colors which ensure that your hat will work extremely well with a wide variety of garments.

If you are looking for warmth on a terribly cold winter's day, the Russian Cossack hat is a brilliant choice. The flip down design of the rear lining of our hats gives you that extra warmth for your ears and neck right when you need it. The hats themselves are of course fabulously comfortable and quite warm, given their soft lining and fine, insulating materials.

Recent Reviews About our Cossack Hats

Faux Fur Cossack Hat Faux Fur Cossack Hat

Pete from Huntsville, AL
January 17, 2017
"I have not had occasion to wear the hat yet, but it seems to be well made and fits as it should. The hat was shipped promptly, and I had no problem with ordering online."
Black Sheared Beaver Russian Cossack Hat Black Sheared Beaver Russian Cossack Hat

Greg from Alpine, NJ USA
January 17, 2017
"Outstanding quality. I find it a bit small but it really looks great and will keep my head warm when outside during the winter months... I may even order the dark brown..."
Black Mouton Sheepskin Russian Cossack Hat Black Mouton Sheepskin Russian Cossack Hat

Kelly from Minnesota, USA
January 10, 2017
"Ordering was easy, very polite lady on the phone, shipped promptly, fits perfectly, looks great and is very warm, but very light at the same time."
Black Mink Russian Cossack Hat Black Mink Russian Cossack Hat

Mike from Dallas, TX
January 9, 2017
"Nice quality product. Runs a bit small so I'm pleased I went with a large as it is perfect for me. I like it so well I may also buy the mahogany version."
Black Mouton Sheepskin Russian Cossack Hat Black Mouton Sheepskin Russian Cossack Hat

Ed from Usa
January 5, 2017
"'Very nice and warm hat and very good service."
Mahogany Mink Russian Cossack Hat Mahogany Mink Russian Cossack Hat

Ed from Chicago
January 3, 2017
"The hat was a great Christmas gift. It's warm, it's good-looking, and it fits. I was surprised to find the ear flap inside, another plus. Thanks. Now we can look forward to cold weather!"

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