Gorros Cossack

Cosacos son miembros de variados grupos étnicos que son originarios de las estepas euroasiáticas de Ucrania y Rusia. Desde el siglo XIII varió anfitriones Cossack han habitado las zonas conocidas hoy como Ucrania y Rusia. Estos pueblos cosacos han desarrollado una variedad de culturas, pero su jerarquía terminante (similar a filas militares) y tradiciones claro de destreza marcial han hecho todos ellos una característica común en los conflictos a través de los siglos en Europa y Asia.

Sobre nuestros Gorros Cossack

Como tal, la imagen del cosaco es uno que a menudo conlleva poderosos, connotaciones marciales. Mientras que hay algunos diferentes tipos de arnés para la cabeza asociada a los cosacos, nuestros sombreros han sido modelados después de un diseño que ofrece un perfil bajo, liso y un aspecto robusto, guapo. Son muy similares a las clases de sombreros asociados con un número de unidades militares rusas. Aunque este estilo a menudo se considera principalmente un sombrero para los hombres, el sombrero cosaco ruso puede parecer bastante traer en las mujeres.

Nuestra gama de materiales de alta calidad desde el lujo de visón para el prestigio del castor. Ligeramente más opciones asequibles pero todavía muy atractivos están disponibles en piel de oveja mouton caliente y chaqueta de piel falsa realista (y activista-ambiente). Le ofrecemos la opción de marrón oscuro negro o rico; ambos son colores clásicos que garantizar que su sombrero funciona muy bien con una gran variedad de prendas de vestir.

Si buscas calor en el día de un winter terrible frío, el sombrero cosaco ruso es una elección brillante. El diseño del revestimiento posterior de nuestros sombreros, tapa te da ese calor adicional para sus oídos y cuello derecho cuando lo necesite. Los sombreros se son fabulosamente cómoda y muy cálida, por su suave forro y materiales finos, aislantes.

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Brown Sheared Beaver Russian Cossack Hat for Men Brown Sheared Beaver Russian Cossack Hat for Men
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Morning Glory from Racine, WI, USA
December 31, 2018

"Shortly before Christmas, my 87 year old Father and I were reminiscing about my childhood and I commented about the handsome authentic fur Cossack hat he used to wear. He loved that hat and I didn't understand why he stopped wearing it over 20 years ago. I asked him why and his answer made me laugh - - "It wore out and local stores no longer sell them." The next day, I searched online and found Fur Hat World. The brown Moutan Sheepskin was sold out so I upgraded to Beaver. When he opened his gift on Christmas Day, he lit up with joy and put it on immediately. He marveled at the quality and softness. It is both elegant and manly. As I took his photo, happy childhood memories of family outings with Dad wearing his Coassak hat made me smile. Thanks Fur Hat World!"

Faux Fur Cossack Hat for Men Faux Fur Cossack Hat for Men
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SAM from Mississauga, ON, Canada
November 2, 2018

"Exactly what I wanted, warm, good looking and most of all it feels comfortable on the head. Delivered on time and I have had many complimentary comments from my friends and family members. I have already recommended the product to all of asked for my recommendation. Keep up the good work please."

Mahogany Mink Russian Cossack Hat for Men Mahogany Mink Russian Cossack Hat for Men
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Andrew from London, England
June 27, 2018

"Very impressed with the service provided. My order was processed quickly and efficiently. When it arrived I was pleased to see how carefully it had been packed. The hat is a snug fit and will be perfect for cold winter days. The fur is luxurious and a beautiful shade of dark brown. The interior of the hat is quilted for comfort and the impression is that of a top quality product."

Brown Mouton Sheepskin Russian Cossack Hat for Men Brown Mouton Sheepskin Russian Cossack Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

Micko from Melbourne
April 10, 2018

"Well I went over to the post office card in my box and picked up my box went over to a cafe and ordered breakfast then proceed to open my box instantly people came over to admire the hat this item oozs quality people have an eye for it here well done FHW"

Black Sheared Beaver Russian Cossack Hat for Men Black Sheared Beaver Russian Cossack Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

Russ from Black Mountain, NC
April 4, 2018

"I purchased a sheared black beaver Russian Cossak hat this winter. I love it, and it goes great with my full length sectioned mink fur coat. I have never felt warmer in winter time. When I wear the coat and hat to church or anywhere I wear a suit and tie I truly feel like the Tsar of Imperial Russia."

Mahogany Mink Russian Cossack Hat for Men Mahogany Mink Russian Cossack Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

Hutmann from Louisville, Kentucky
March 23, 2018

"I must start with the mink fur itself. It is simply beautiful. Any hat would look good if it were made of such fine fur. The hat, however, is not just another hat. The design and the construction are--in my opinion and from comparison with several other hats of this style--excellent. Moreover, through email correspondences with FurHatWorld personnel I was able to communicate my concern and needs for a good fit. I find this hat to fit very well. I truly appreciate the excellent communications and assistance that the staff provided. Furthermore, one very pleasant surprise was the weight of the hat. I have several beaver and Persian lamb hats that are generally called "Ambassador" or "Diplomat" style hats. This mink fur hat is considerably lighter in weight than either my beaver or Persian lamb hats, which themselves certainly are not heavy or in any way uncomfortable to wear. The mink hat, however, is as the cliché goes, "light as a feather." It is very easy to forget that I have it on. I am very happy with this hat and wish that I could rationalize ordering one in black mink."

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