The Sheared Beaver Fur Trooper Hat for Men

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Natural Brown
Natural Brown


  • Authentic Canadian beaver fur
  • Beaver fur is sheared of the longer guard hairs revealing only the incredibly soft under fur - softer than any man-made material
  • Beaver fur is the densest and most insulated fur - maximum warmth!
  • Designed to model a Russian trooper hat - the Ushanka
  • Sheared beaver makes up the interior of the flaps, neck and the front forehead flap
  • Exterior and ear ties are constructed of a premium Nappa leather
  • Earflaps can be tied under chin for premium warmth or atop head for warmer weather
  • Interior crown quilted with moisture resistant nylon
  • Sheared beaver trooper hat available in natural brown or dyed black fur
  • Brand: FRR Logo About the frr brand
  • Made in Canada Made in Canada

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The Russian trooper hat has long been renowned for its style, warmth and comfort due to its mixture of functionality and fashion. With both an appealing look and design features that make it perfect for cold winters, it is easy to see why it has become such a beloved style amongst outdoor adventurists.

This Sheared Beaver hat takes these features and elevates them with incredibly soft sheared beaver fur and premium leather. Wild Canadian beaver fur has been shorn down, removing the guard hairs and revealing only the incredibly dense and soft underfur. With a velvety softness unparalleled by any manufactured material, this hat will not only keep your head incredibly warm but provide premium comfort as well.

While the hat is special and upscale enough to be worn with a suit, the cap is meant for the outdoor adventurer. Crafted with superior leather and guaranteed to keep the wearer warm in even frigid temperatures, this hat is an excellent addition to any winter wardrobe.

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