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Natural Brown Beaver Fur Headband Natural Brown Beaver Fur Headband
Verified Buyer

Henry from warrington, Pa.
December 13, 2018

"I recieved my head band today. I am very pleased with the quality and the warmth. I alos purchased the shearling gloves and I am very happy with both and the customer service. I had mistakly ordered black and had to change it to brown before shipping and the customer service was great."

Exquisite Chinchilla Fur Headband Exquisite Chinchilla Fur Headband
Verified Buyer

Smart husband from North Carolina
November 2, 2018

"Wife loved it. Likes it both as a headband and scarf, so guys be sure to show your wife the webpage pictures as to dual use. Goes great with both her fur coats, leather, jean, and other jackets. Great value too! It is a winning gift for us guys to give!!!"

Finn Raccoon Fur Headband Finn Raccoon Fur Headband
Verified Buyer

Stevieblue from Dublin, Ireland
December 19, 2017

"I use as collar and suits most coats and knitwear. I love it.. excellent price for such a luxe product. It is a little short so is collar or headpiece size. My ideal would be two together for ultimate impact. Love website have bought lots and will return."

Coyote Fur Headband Coyote Fur Headband
Verified Buyer

Nona from Pennsylvania USA
January 8, 2017

"All I can say is, beautiful!! Overall, I'm delighted with this headband. It's just enough coverage to keep my ears warm. The color is perfect for me, as my hair is blonde. The only problem I have with this company, is that they have too many beautiful things to choose from. The quality matches the beauty. This is one of my favorite Companies to deal with."

Black Mink Headband Black Mink Headband
Verified Buyer

Cassy from Michigan
January 6, 2020

"My mom ordered this cute headband and she loves it. She likes to wear it around her neck as a scarf ???? I would highly recommend"

Mahogany Mink Headband Mahogany Mink Headband
Verified Buyer

Silver Fox from Warren, MI
November 20, 2019

"This is a beautiful mink headband, but it was too small for my head. Unfortunately, I had to return it."

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