Muskrat Fur Top Trapper Jockey Hat for Men

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  • Authentic North American Muskrat Fur - soft and glossy
  • Short, thick waterproof under fur & long fur over layer
  • Muskrat Fur top exterior
  • Canvas exterior around ear flaps and back of hat
  • Static resistant insulated quilt lining
  • Classic Canadian RCMP trapper hat styling
  • Ear flaps that tie at top, bottom, or back
  • Front brim secured with 2 snap button closures
  • Brand: FRR Logo About the frr brand
  • Made in Canada Made in Canada
  • Origin Assured Origin Assured
  • Eco-Fur Fur is Green

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This muskrat fur hat is inspired by the winter hats worn by the Canadian RCMP and expertly designed and crafted in Canada with cold northern Canadian winters in mind. Muskrat fur is an amazing insulator that is water proof, making the hat perfect for those who live (or just visit) in a cold snowy environment.

With carefully thought out design details like fur on the exterior crown and interior earl flaps for superior warmth and insulation, durable canvas around the exterior where fur could be damaged from frequent folding, a quilted interior crown that is moisture repellent and static resistant and leather ties that secure the flaps under the chin or neatly atop the head this winter cap has covered all of the bases. Wear it to work or play, you will not be disappointed!

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