NAFA auctions fur

What Is A Fur Auction?

Fur auctions are where most North American pelts will begin their journey to the consumer. This step brings the raw fur product into the processing component of this journey.  These public auctions are the main method of selling the raw fur pelts to North American and International buyers. We will go over some of the key aspects of what these fur auctions are all about:

  • There are three main auction facilities in North America. They are: American Legend Cooperative, Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. and the North American Fur Auction.
  • Fur pelts are sorted by experienced graders into selected bundles according to similar type, size and quality. This is done so that the fur buyers can inspect the pelts before the selling process begins.
  • These North American auctions attract designers, manufacturers and brokers from around the world due to the incredible quality of these pelts.
  • These auctions allow for trappers and farmers to be paid a full market value for their fur pelts, which means this is a true fair trade industry. The trappers and farmers deliver their furs to the auction on a consignment basis. When the sales are finished,  the auction house will deduct a small commission to cover their costs, and give the rest to the trappers and farmers.
  • Once these pelts are purchased from the auction houses, they are sent off for processing. This processing step is necessary before fur can used to make apparel or accessories.

These auctions are a crucial and valuable step that takes place which strongly benefits the trappers and farmers. This creates a valuable fair trade industry and benefits the economy for everybody.