Raccoon Tail Hats: A Great History

Raccoon Tail HatsWhen you think of Davey Crockett and his legacy, you mainly think of the iconic coontail hat that he wears. In fact, when thinking of all the fashion of yesteryear and life on the trails headed west, the raccoon tail hat makes an appearance time and time again as the headwear of choice for those who lived back then, protecting their heads and ears and making them warm during the harsh winters.

Furs were easy to come by back then, as whenever you hunted for a meal, chances are you got a fur along with it, so once you learned how to make these hats, you knew you would be set for trade and warmth through the winters along the trail.


Most people think of these hats as a symbol of the past, but did you know that people such as us still carry out the proud tradition of making fur coontail hats today? While they may seem like an archaic legacy, or an heirloom passed down that lost its function with the inventions of today, these hats are still fashionable and functional in today’s society, meaning that instead of going for a thin cotton hat, if you’re experiencing the harshness of winter a proper fur hat is the perfect way to keep your head warm.


The History Of Raccoon Tail Hats

One amazing fact about the raccoon tail hat that many people today don’t know about is that they were originally a Native American article of clothing, designed to help them use all parts of the animal’s body and make sure that they could keep their head warm in the winters.

Europeans eventually began colonizing the areas of their popularity, namely Kentucky and Tennessee, and when they traded with the Native Americans after exploring the area they quickly saw the use of these hats and began sporting them as well, making them a well known symbol of the iconic frontiersmen of yesteryear.

The History Of Raccoon Tail Hats

While the fad didn’t last eternally, it did, however, revive for a period of time. In the 1950s, Walt Disney Studios put out a series of films about Davey Crockett, spawning a whole new craze for stories of frontiersmen in that period of time. Actors who played in the ever popular frontier movies would don coontail hats to complete the image, and the hats became popular once more for the duration of the decade.

While coontail hats haven’t quite taken the fashion world by storm once again, no one can deny their cultural significance and the amazing functionality they have when keeping the heat of your body from escaping through your head, which is one of the most common reasons for hypothermia.

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