Premium Fur Mukluks

When it comes to winter footwear there are endless options available. This season fur mukluks with real fur accents and beaded detailing are turning heads. With a new assortment of styles available, you will be sure to find your perfect fit!

Tall Wrap Mukluk with Vibram Sole

One of the new styles available is our Tall Wrap Mukluk with Vibram Sole.  With genuine rabbit fur accents, interior sheepskin sole and fleece lining these mukluks will keep you warm throughout the season. A suede exterior and wrap around ties provide a unique look.  Each Tall Wrap Mukluk has a hand made unique beaded detail, meaning that no two pairs of mukluks are the same.  Available in a variety of colors to suit anyone’s personal style.

Nappa Mukluk with Vibram Sole

If you are looking for a mukluk that will stand out in the crowd our Nappa Mukluk with Vibram Sole is perfect for you. Genuine rabbit fur with an interior sheepskin sole and fleece lining provide insulation and breathability ensuring your feet will stay warm and comfortable all season long. A handmade beaded design provides a unique look to the mukluk as no two designs are the same. Perfect for yourself to brave those cold winter days or as a gift for a loved one.

Be sure to check out are wide selection of premium fur mukluks. Available in a variety of heights, colors, fur types you are sure to find the perfect pair to match your winter wardrobe.