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How To Wear Fur In The Summer

When summer arrives it generally means that it’s time to put your heavy fur coats and hats in to storage.  For some of us this is an emotional time, having to say goodbye to our beautiful furs for several months is not easy.  Don’t stress too much over this because there is a way for you to still wear fur even when it’s not sub zero temperatures outside.    

  • Fur handbags are the ultimate accessory, absolutely glamorous and chic
  • You’re not actually wearing this fur so your body will not be affected whatsoever by the extra warmth fur provides
  • There are many styles of fur handbags available, from small clutches to large totes
  • Fur handbags are easily accessible for purchase, no need to search high and low to get one, they are fairly easy to find
  • Heels with fur trim or detail has become a rising trend over the past year
  • Many top designers featured fur heels in their runway shows
  • This is a perfect way to still enjoy fur in the summer without overheating or looking like a crazy person wearing a fur coat in the middle of summer
  • There is a right way to do a fur vest in the summer and a wrong way
  • Don’t wear a heavy fur vest with lining and thick fur, this will only cause you to overheat
  • Do wear a light fur vest, a knit design is perfect because it allows for airflow
  • Consider a shorter fur vest over a long bulky one
  • Lighter colored fur looks more appealing in the summer over a heavy, dark fur that is better suited for colder weather
  • Keep your layering fur pieces as the days will warm up but the nights are still cool. Some good pieces to keep in your spring collection would be; scarves, stoles and lightweight vests. You can even add a fur tail to your handbag for a touch of luxury.

Fur is famous for being worn in the colder months, but that trend is changing. Designers are creating fur trims and other items for their spring and summer collections, so you can make a statement all year long. We have put together some tips to help you with your fashion choices all year long.