Fox fur indigo headband

Fur Headband Buying Guide


There are eight types of fur headbands. They come in fox fur, mink, and chinchilla, beaver, rabbit, and sheepskin, knit linen and faux. Fox is distinct for its unique texture and warmth making it the most popular fur band, offering the greatest variety. Each animal fur is unique in shape and form due to hair composition, length, and thickness.

Colors and Textures

Headbands come in assorted colors, from light to dark, from bright colors and pastels to various shades of black, blue, grey, white, and brown. The fox animal furs come frosted in white and stand out as the most chic and stylish of the bands. Raccoon and coyote fur headbands on the other hand provide various blended light colors in shades and streaks as an accent to their wispy animal hair. For the playful and fun-hearted there are linen bands with fur trim accented with speckled beads. The chinchilla and the rabbit furs stand in the fray with their rugged and sporty yet delicate short grey hair.

Sizes and Comfort

Generally, one size fits all. A headband may come with a string tie or Velcro attachment to adjust the size to fit. Pull a headband over the head it doubles as a fur collar; or as a scarf if it comes with a tie or Velcro. Size also includes look because fit must consider the size and the shape of the fur. Beaver fur and linen bands are the least bulky, slimmer and far more tapered in look than the other varieties. There are narrower bands to consider as well. The best choice is the one that fits shape and contour of the face and head, not to mention the skin, eye, and hair type.

Look and Style

Accessories such as fur wristbands can complement a fur headband for extra appeal. But a fur hat is outstanding with a full ensemble, fur trim boots, gloves and a fur coat. Headbands do double as a fur collar or scarf, a great choice for variety in look and style, if not just for that extra warmth needed at the neck or neckline.

Warmth and Protection

Genuine fur is the best insulator to beat the cold weather. A headband accessory is crucial in the winter months. Wind chills and slight but sudden drops in temperature require extra protection that only quickly accessible headbands can meet. For this purpose, linen or rabbit fur bands are the most compact and durable choice, and likely the easiest to carry in a bag. We recommend a headband be available in the vehicle or in a bag for protection when needed. Winter can be unpredictable.