gray coonskin cap

Coonskin Caps

In chilly weather, nothing beats the warmth of coonskin hats. Not only do they provide protection from the elements, but they also look stylish as well. Numerous retailers carry such pieces, but online sources will have larger selections at better prices of men’s winter hats. To cite a relevant example, the Coonskin Hats at are all made from genuine raccoon tails taken from chilly northern states where the critters must grow fluffy fur to make it through harsh winters. Fur and sheepskin are the materials of choice here as these produce the best look and best results when it comes to quality, appearance, and durability. Renowned brands such as Norko, FRR, and Mad Bomber are available at the best prices possible. The cost will typically be half what would have to be paid at a retail outlet. Buying online is simple and safe. The full range of products on offer is extensive with an assortment of over 200 different styles and materials to choose from in just what is available to men. Ladies have an even larger selection to choose from. The popular Zhivago Pillbox style can be had along with all sorts of mink and rabbit fur.

Coonskin Hats can go by other names such as Mountain Man Hats. Sites such as WinterStyle feature quality specimens of these which will have luxurious tails in the back along with a quilted interior. A variety of traditional caps and hats are featured in designs that never go out of style. They have deals on shipping that only add to the value.

Coonskin Hats also are commonly called Davy Crocket Hats. The famed pioneer helped popularize the style although he likely was just looking for a way to keep warm while out in the woods. This can be essential when the temperature drops as a significant portion of heat loss comes through the head where the scalp courses with blood vessels that release body warmth. Protection can be vital to survival, and Coonskin Hats are one of the best ways to accomplish this task. Pair your Coonskin Cap with Fur Jacket, Fur Coat, or other fur accessories!!