Autumns Trendiest Couple


The glam look of Hollywood stars can be all yours with a trendy fur vest and a bold statement  necklace. Sophisticated items like our Kirstyn Raccoon Fur Vest keep you warm during the fall with natural lush fur. These pieces are made even better with a shining bling necklace. The contrast of your jewelry and the classic appearance of fur provide a stellar look to your wardrobe.


No matter what your style may be, you can find a beautiful fur vest that is both fashionable and functional for fall! Edgy fashionistas will love a gorgeous black fur vest paired with brazen spiky gold jewelry featuring shimmering jewel accents. Accentuate a pair of leather pants with this stunning ensemble and don’t be surprised when you’re mistaken for a famous rock star.

If you’re more on the elegant side of style, you can wear a classic brown raccoon fur vest with a glimmering over-sized statement necklace. Pairing a neutral toned fur vest with brilliant accessories creates the perfect outfit to wear to a winter ballet. This ensemble is even suitable for day-to-day activities. Walking the dog has never looked so sophisticated!

Get your retro look on with a shaggy silver fox fur vest and geometric accessories. The supple material of fox fur is also durable to wear during a windy fall day. Add a statement accessory and your style is so classic.

It’s simple to create your own look with a plush fur vest and your preferred statement necklace. You can easily grab a pretty shirt or dress and wear a beautiful fur vest and jewels on top. The versatility of a fur vest allows this piece to be worn over a tank, tee, or a long-sleeved shirt.


Whichever style you choose, you’re sure to turn heads in a fashionable fur vest. Add a statement necklace into the mix and you’re ultimately glam! Do yourself a favor and grab a fur vest for a fashion trend that will never quit.