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Acentúe su vestuario con guantes de invierno de nuestro cómodo men sombrero de piel. Nuestros guantes de piel vienen en diseños como zalea shearling y cálido de piel de conejo. Una pareja caliente de invierno guantes o mitones es segura acentuar su ropa de invierno. Guantes de piel forrado de nuestro men son elaborados con cuero Napa robusto para trabajar o jugar. Presentamos una variedad de guantes de piel y guantes para adaptarse a su estilo individual. Desgaste duro durable y confortable forro pusieron el toque final a tu look. Ofrecemos una gama de guantes de invierno de women y los hombres permanecer en estilo y valiente los elementos.

Estamos orgullosos de ofrecer mitones y guantes de invierno de la zalea de piel de cordero 100% a precios muy asequibles y en un número de opciones de color. Nada mejor que real zalea shearling de la calidez y el confort. Su lana transpirable natural es perfecta para mantener tus manos calientes pero no sudorosa. Si usted es esquiar, nieve o simplemente salir al aire libre, tenemos los guantes perfectos para usted!

Todos nuestros guantes son fabricados profesionalmente para mantener las manos muy calientes. Ideal para cualquier actividad al aire libre mantener las manos lejos del amargo frío. Tejidos exteriores populares tales como cuero, gamuza y piel de oveja mantienen el frío, mientras que los interiores de piel de oveja y lana de mantienen las manos calientes. Piel de oveja absorbe la humedad manteniendo seco están tibias tus manos! Compre un par hoy y nunca temer el invierno otra vez!

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Men's Siberia Brown Rabbit Fur Mittens Men's Siberia Brown Rabbit Fur Mittens
Verified Buyer

December 10, 2019


Men's Minnesota Tan Suede Shearling Sheepskin Gloves Men's Minnesota Tan Suede Shearling Sheepskin Gloves
Verified Buyer

Richard from SUFFIELD,CT. USA
September 22, 2019

"I am very pleased with the gloves purchased, they are very well made and fit perfectly. I have a shearling coat and wanted gloves to match. They do perfectly. I would recommend purchasing from this company. The product is exactly what I wanted."

Men's Siberia Grey Rabbit Fur Mittens Men's Siberia Grey Rabbit Fur Mittens
Verified Buyer

Byron from New Brunswick, Canada
March 12, 2019

"These are great! Very warm and functional and they look fantastic. Its very cold on the coast of the North Atlantic and these keep your fingers warm without wearing overstuffed gloves or mitts, which actually do not work in this climate. These work great and are wind and weather proof so far. Absolutely highly recommended over nylon and insulated ski gloves or mitts. These are so good I ordered 2 matching hats from FurHatWorld."

Men's Siberia Grey Rabbit Fur Mittens Men's Siberia Grey Rabbit Fur Mittens
Verified Buyer

Tom from Outside of Boston, MA USA
January 13, 2019

"I’ve worn these mittens (size s/m), last night in 2 degree F with the windchill, walking my dog for about an hour and a half, for the first time since receiving them. I’m a 60 year old male that has trouble keeping his fingers warm, even with the best - rated ski gloves! These mittens are fabulous! Combined with the Black Lambskin/Gray Rabbit Aviator Hat from FHW, I am now one happy camper! Size was not an issue for me. I am not a mittens kind of guy, but with this company’ s return policy, I figured I’d give them a shot! Boy, am I glad I did! We are just beginning to feel the effects of the Polar Vortex here in the Northeast, and these mittens arrived within 4 days of ordering, from Canada! Highly recommend......."

Men's Minnesota Brown Napa Leather Shearling Sheepskin Gloves Men's Minnesota Brown Napa Leather Shearling Sheepsk...
Verified Buyer

Bernie from Canada
December 7, 2018

"Quality of the leather is excellent as always. The fur inside is perfect. Like everything I order at you store it is impeccable. Thank you for the fast delivery and look further for my next order."

Men's Coyote Fur Mittens Men's Coyote Fur Mittens
Verified Buyer

Woodstock from Toronto Ca
December 3, 2018

"Recieved them today, I am excited to write review so the test of time will have to wait. These mitts are for extreme cold weather, liner is good quality but the fur is like I died and went to fur heaven. I also own a Muskrat full fur hat so should go well together, now I just wait for the winters worst"

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