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How To Wear A Fur Scarf

Fur scarves are a must-have accessory for this fall/winter season, designers are incorporating this chic piece into many of their looks and women everywhere are flocking to this envy inducing item.  There are several things to consider when looking for the perfect fur scarf, follow some of our pointers and you’ll be looking fabulous in no time.

Short and Sweet

  • The short fur scarf is elegant and feminine
  • Oftentimes it is paired with skirts and dresses to add that perfect finishing touch
  • A short fur scarf is lightweight and breathable making it ideal to wear all year round
  • Generally inexpensive yet rich looking
  • Experiment with different colours, whether you prefer something bright and unique or a toned down neutral you have the freedom to explore your options

Long and Luscious

  • A long fur scarf instantly gives you a glamorous look
  • Not only do you look great wearing one but it will keep you warm
  • Perfect for concealing parts of your mid-section you may be insecure about
  • Can be paired perfectly with a stylish winter coat or with a little black dress while out for cocktails with the girls
  • Generally found in natural colours

Irresistible Infinity

  • The infinity scarf has both ends attached to each other making for a perfect circle
  • One of the most popular items in our online catalogue
  • Can be perfectly paired with a winter coat to add instant glamour as well as warmth
  • The warmest option of the three scarves
  • Can be found in neutral colours as well as multi-color



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