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About our Coonskin Caps

Go retro in one of our Coonskin caps or Davy Crockett style hats also known by some as Daniel Boone hats or Mountain Man hats. They are the perfect combination of fashion and function, revisited from yesteryear. Made with only the highest quality fur from northern USA and Canada, these charismatic beauties feature a full fur exterior, a cozy quilted interior lining and the essential addition of a genuine fur tail at the back. If you're feeling extra bold, make a statement with hats that include faces, legs, and even a full coyote pelt that drapes dramatically across the shoulders. Our Coonskin caps and Davy Crockett-style hats include retractable wool ear flaps that can be pulled down over the ears for additional warmth. They are available in genuine raccoon fur, rabbit fur, red fox fur and coyote fur. They are offered in both men's and children's sizes (see the kids hat section).

Our Coonskin caps & Davy Crockett style hats are made with prime quality fur from northern USA and Canada. They feature a full fur exterior and include a genuine fur tail. They have a quilted interior lining for added comfort and warmth as well as retractable wool ear flaps that can be worn down for extra warmth. Choose from genuine raccoon fur, rabbit fur, red fox fur , or coyote fur, all complete with tails

Recent Reviews About our Coonskin Caps

Faux Fur Coonskin Cap with Real Raccoon Tail Faux Fur Coonskin Cap with Real Raccoon Tail

Erwin from Eindhoven, Netherlands
September 23, 2016
"Great quality, concerning the price !!. Great delivery time !!!!"
Rabbit Fur Davy Crockett Hat Rabbit Fur Davy Crockett Hat

Erwin from eindhoven, Netherlands
September 23, 2016
"Great quality concerning the price ! Great delivery !!!!"
Coyote Fur Davy Crockett Hat Coyote Fur Davy Crockett Hat

Dan from St. Paul, MN
August 3, 2016
"This hat just came in for me yesterday and I'm just in awe at how beautiful and soft the coyote fur is! AWOOOOOOOOO! With how brutal the winters can get here in Minnesota, I thought that this purchase is going to definitely be worth it for many years to come. The pull-down wool ear and neck cover is a nice touch too. Since it's still summer at the time of this writing, I obviously won't be able to take full advantage of it quite yet. So because of that, into cold storage at a furrier it goes for now. Before it makes its voyage there though, I've decided to bring it with me to work and see what my co-workers think about it. I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it as the office I work has an outdoor theme to it with various animal mounts and other things."
Raccoon Fur Coonskin Cap with Face Raccoon Fur Coonskin Cap with Face

syl from Coweta, OK
May 2, 2016
"I have wanted a coon skin cap with a face on it my whole life. Have purchased lesser quality ones and they just don't last. FurHatWorld's hat was superior in every way to any other hat I have ever seen. The ear and neck flaps will really come in handy on extra cold days. Thank you for manufacturing such an excellent product. I'll be back for another kind of hat in the future. Sylvia Frost, Coweta, Oklahoma"
Raccoon Fur Coonskin Cap with Face Raccoon Fur Coonskin Cap with Face

Jeff from Chandler, AZ USA
May 1, 2016
"I love this hat. I am from West Virginia where the mountaineers always wore a coonskin hat. I always wanted a real one. I will keep this out of the heat until I move back home. I'm very happy with this quality fur product."
Coyote Fur Mountain Man Hat Coyote Fur Mountain Man Hat

zman from Kalamazoo mi
March 11, 2016
"This hat is very warm, you get alot of looks. Very happy with it."
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