Inspired by the hats bomber pilots wore in WWII, the Trapper style hat is best known as a fur trim "ear flap hat". Trapper hats feature fur on the interior of the ear flaps and around the back of the neck. They also have a large fur flap brim on the front of the hat.
Trapper hats are unisex hats so they can be enjoyed by both men and women. The ear flaps can be worn down for warmth and style or attached at the back of the hat or top of the crown when not needed.
Trapper hats are also known as Aviator hats or Bomber hats. They usually feature nylon, wool, or leather with Rabbit Fur trim, or can be made entirely of Shearling Sheepskin. With the rise in popularity of the Trapper hat style you will also find them made with trendy fashion forward designs and exotic furs such as Coyote or Fox.