Sheep with the densest and softest wool are raised in New Zealand and Australia. Sheepskin is extremely durable; pound for pound it’s stronger than steel. Due to this tremendous durability, sheepskin products can last for years with minimum upkeep. Sheepskin is windproof and water resistant, making it perfect for just about any weather condition. Wool has breathable fibers that act like a natural thermostat to regulate heat and reduce excess moisture. The high density of sheep's wool helps to distribute weight evenly, which is great for slippers as well as medical pads that prevent bedsores. These amazing benefits make it an ideal material to construct fur fashion, home decor and even medical products.

Origin: New Zealand and Australia
Wild or Ranch Raised: Ranch Raised
Texture: Soft, dense wool with supple leather backing
Typical Length of Fur: 2-3 inches
Natural Color: Ivory
Special Qualities: Warm yet breathable, reduces moisture and evenly distributes weight
Softness rating: 8/10
Warmth rating: 8/10