Shearling sheepskin refers to a sheepskin that’s tanned with wool in tact. Strong leather and soft sheared wool create a material that’s simultaneously lightweight and durable. It’s exceptionally warm and breathable, which means it can keep you warm without causing overheating. Shearling is very popular in boots, slippers, gloves, mittens and jackets.


Shearling is the shepherd's coat that's traditional to many eastern European and Asian countries from Hungary to Afghanistan. These coats are often embroidered on the suede side, and the fur side may have longer hair. A shearling jacket is also "traditional" jackets for western cowboys and ranchers. Until not long ago, shearling was considered heavy. However, better tanning methods have made the finest-quality shearling much lighter, heralding their arrival on the fashion scene.

Origin: Typically Spain, New Zealand, or Australia

Wild or Ranch Raised: Ranch Raised
Texture: Short, dense wool with supple leather backing
Typical Length of Fur: ¾ - 1 inch
Natural Color: Ivory
Special Qualities: Warm yet breathable, reduces moisture and evenly distributes weight
Softness rating: 7.5/10
Warmth rating: 8/10