Mya Brown Knitted Mink Beanie Hat with Elastic Band

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Reviewed by Viva
Location: Henley on Thames uk on 09/23/2016

 Verified Buyer

I love this hat - it is a tiny bit itchy but I am hoping that it will settle down - fur hat world is the only place I buy fur hats from and I have six or so already and I love love love them all plus am always being complimented on them which is always nice!

Reviewed by Shirl
Location: Birmingham, UK on 02/17/2016

 Verified Buyer

Lovely hat which arrived within 5 days of ordering. Keeps my ears warm when I'm out walking my dog. (She loves it, but I fear for its' safety when she's around as she's already 'killed' a fur hat I bought in Russia some years ago.) Casual yet stylish and has prompted several compliments from acquaintances.

Reviewed by Shirley
Location: Birmingham, UK on 01/31/2016

 Verified Buyer

Beautiful hat. Lovely and warm, fits well and can be pulled down to covers my ears in the cold weather. Ordered on line on a Monday and arrived at my home on Friday of the same week. Great service.

Reviewed by Maria G
Location: NYC on 12/29/2016

 Verified Buyer

Beautiful hat , style I was exactly looking for, good fur quality,great price! What else?it was my Christmas gift......

Reviewed by R.C
Location: Ohio USA on 03/05/2016

 Verified Buyer

I love my new hat! It is so soft and is warm, goes perfectly with my mink coat, as well as my other coats.

Reviewed by HL
Location: NYC on 02/23/2016

 Verified Buyer

Very soft and light. Easy to store in the handbag without worrying it would get damage.

Reviewed by Pete
Location: Holland, MI on 01/04/2019

 Verified Buyer

Michigan gets lots of snow and cold weather. I love hats, but most do not fit my small head. Because this gorgeous hat has an elastic band, I ordered it. When the hat arrived in a few days, it fit perfectly - and looks very snappy!

Reviewed by Moxie
Location: Colorado on 12/05/2018

 Verified Buyer

Arrived quickly. Really pretty and warm. Comfortable and does not leave elastic marks on my forehead. Wads up easily to fit nicely into pocket or handbag which makes it so easy to wear and use as the weather changes throughout the day.

Reviewed by doris
Location: flint mi on 01/09/2018

 Verified Buyer

cute, but a little big

Reviewed by Liv
Location: Salt Lake City, UT on 03/28/2017

 Verified Buyer

Beautiful, dense, supersoft true to color mink fur that keeps me warm with no cold air felt on my head in subzero. The quality of the knitting is unparalleled with other vendors of knitted fur. This hat is just downright pretty, feminine and so worth the price. FHW sets the industry standard by far in fur accessories.

Reviewed by Valerie
Location: Indiana on 02/24/2017

 Verified Buyer

I love it very nice fit! Feels like a million dollar hat! Thank You

Reviewed by Claire
Location: Cheshire, England on 02/03/2017

 Verified Buyer

Good quality mink, flattering design and comfortable to wear - very pleased with it!

Displaying 0 to 12 (of 12 reviews)

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