Yeti Style Jackets & Vests

Also known as the Shag Pile or Furry Box Jacket, the Yeti Style Fur look has been a huge hit among celebrities like Kate Moss and the Olsen Twins. This shaggy soft look is sure to be one of this seasons hottest trends!


Really, what better way to stay warm this winter than bundling up in a fluffy fur coat or vest. Not only will you be toasty warm in this ball of fur, but you’re more than likely going to attract the attention of others as well.


One of the easiest ways to achieve this style would be to wear a Black Mongolian / Tibetan Lamb Fur Vest. Mongolian and Tibetan Lamb Fur is long, wavy and silky, giving off the ultimate yeti look.


If you’re looking to take this trend all the way, the super cool and voluminous design of our Sporty Fox Fur Jacket will do the trick.


Something like our Blue Fox Fur Jacket will help you accomplish a subtle yeti look in a full jacket style.


With a rock and roll vibe, nothing that you pair with a Yeti Style coat or vest will be able to compete. Now you can feel glamorous and edgy wearing a Yeti Style Fur.