rabbit fur

Where Does Rabbit Fur Come From?

Many people may wonder where this soft and silky rabbit fur that keeps us oh so warm and stylish comes from.

We purchase all of our furs from fur auctions around the world, where the majority of which are farmed furs. The rabbit fur used for our apparel originates from farms in Spain.

Rabbit fur, which includes the pelt as well as the shorn hair,  is a by-product of rabbit farmed for its meat.

The main breed in the rabbit fur farming industry is the Rex Rabbit. This rabbit was imported into the US in the 1920s after this special breed of rabbit was developed in France in 1919. This recessive mutation was seen in wild rabbits with unique, dense, plush, and velvet-like fur, which makes this type of rabbit fur highly desirable.

Farmed rabbits are fed a balanced diet specific for fur productions and the pelts are harvested when they have reached prime condition.