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What is a furrier and how do they protect your fur?

A furrier is an occupation that is crucial to the fur trade. Many people have heard of the term, furrier, but may not know what it really means or what is involved in this occupation. We will provide some of the key aspects of what a furrier is and what they do.

  • A furrier is someone who designs, creates, maintains, and repairs fur garments. This term is closely related to the term clothier, which is used to describe people who work with textiles to create garments. Furriers are found in cities all over the world, especially in northern cities where the fur trade is very active.
  • Furriers can work in the design aspect of the fur industry. They will explore new construction techniques for fur garments and create custom fur designs for individual customers.
  • They also provide services like; altering new garments, such as a fur coat, to properly fit new owners, as well they can clean and repair existing garments.
  • Furs and in particular a fur coat, can be very expensive and can vary in quality, so it can be very wise to have an experienced furrier work with inexperienced customers to help them with their fur purchase.
  • Furriers can keep your fur coat looking good for many years due to their specialized cleaning. They not only clean your coat but help to restore the natural fur luster. This special cleaning process will add years of life to your fur as it keeps the fur soft, and conditions the leather. It also removes the dust particles from your fur that rob it of its sheen.

Furriers are a very valuable part of the fur industry and crucial to keeping your furs in top condition. So be sure to bring your fur to a furrier to protect your investment and keep your fur in top condition.