Style Spotlight: Peony Lim

Peony Lim is not like most girls, being in possession of a wardrobe rammed with vintage Hermès and Chanel, and an eye that looks further afield than her contemporaries for style tips… She is now a regular on street style blogs, and has legions of fans who coo over her polished aesthetic and her signature red lipstick.

– The Telegraph

When Peony isn’t being photographed–often wearing luxurious and fun furs–by street style bloggers, she herself spends her days traveling between London and Asia blogging away the topics that consume her life including her self-style, food, travel, fashion and beauty–oh, and she’s also a stylist and brand consultant too.

The way she incorporates fur into her daily wardrobe is nothing short of effortless and unique. Her style sense is easily transformed from one segment to another, and luckily for us we can witness these flawless fur looks on her style diary.

timthumb (1)

This White Fox Fur Collar is very versatile and adds a nice touch of luxury to Peony’s basic denim jacket. It’s a simple touch of fur that can be worm with a casual look or even a fancier outfit. The cool thing about our White Fox Fur Collar is that you can also wear it as a headband!


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For quite some time now Fur Tails have been all the rage. Peony adds a cute blue ombre tail to her handbag for a dash of fur to match her all-blue look. Other cool ways to incorporate a Fur Tail into your look, is to attach one to your backpack, suitcase, purse, belt loop, or house keys.


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Now, a Fur Stole is one of those accessories that is not only complimentary to a beautiful cocktail dress, but can also enhance any casual look. Peony pairs a stole with a white casual outfit for a simple yet put together vibe. Try styling our Exquisite Natural Red Fox Fur Stole with your favorite jean and blouse.




I have to admit, this photo of Peony was the first I ever saw of her, and instantly I fell head over heels in love with that Zhivago Pill Box Fox Fur Hat. There really isn’t anything more chic than a powderpuff of long, lush and silky fox fur piled high on top of your head.




It’s really easy to pair Fur Cuffs with your favorite fall or winter coat, leather gloves, or in Peony’s case with a basic knit blouse and leather vest. These Wide Black Fur Cuffs are super easy to add to any outfit, simply just slap them on to your wrist and you’re set for the day.

Peony’s style proves that there is no harm in adding luxurious fur accessories to your everyday wardrobe. Which fur accessory will you wear the next time you go out?