Style Spotlight: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a worldwide fashion icon.  With various projects on the go including a clothing line with her sisters at Sears, a makeup line and several books, Kim never loses sight of her love for style.


Kim’s younger sister, Khloe, posed nude in a campaign for PETA but that hasn’t stopped Kim from wearing all her gorgeous furs.


Kim has many posts on her personal blog of her wearing fur, including this stunning full fur hat that she used in an impromtu photoshoot with her good friend Joyce Bonelli.


Kim enjoys fur in both casual and formal settings.  Here she is photographed shopping in a stylish fur vest, paired with jeans and a long sleeve tee, this is an ideal combination for a day out and about.


Below we see the new mom taking a fabulous selfie looking completely glam in a fur collar, proving once again that fur is extremely versatile and can be worn both during the day and at night.


Kim K. is a fashionista at its finest and if there is one thing we can learn from her it is to be yourself and wear what you want no matter what other people say.  When interviewed on the TODAY show Kim spoke about her views on wearing fur and told Ann Curry, “I believe everyone has the choice of what they want […] It’s not illegal to buy fur,” she explained. “I think it’s a personal choice.”  Regardless of her sister’s PETA campaign or the fact that she got flour bombed by an activist she still continues to enjoy the glamour and luxury of fur and for that we salute her in our style spotlight!

USA/AUS ONLY Kim Kardashian leaving her London hotel