Street Style


What’s cooler than street style? Everywhere you go, you can find stylish fashionistas sporting the latest trends. Street style is different all around the globe and we’re thrilled to see fur items incorporated into outfits right here in North America!


Simply take a walk or open a magazine to find candid photos of fashionable women in their everyday life. Street style doesn’t come from the studio, but rather the people. We’ll tell you about six fabulous items from Fur Hat World to personalize your style.

Our Madison Sheared Mink 3/4 Length Sleeve Jacket is a popular item for any season. This luscious jacket can be found on women in fashion capitals around the world! Pair this fur jacket with a floppy hat and your favorite glittery jewelry for a standout look.


Our The Audrina Silver Fox Vest with Detachable Leather Sleeve is a versatile piece that can be worn sleeveless or not! The lush and shaggy fox fur is truly sophisticated when worn with sleek leather pants or a mini-skirt.

The Brown Taslon Trapper with Natural Brown Rabbit Fur is an internationally inspired item with a lot of class! You can pin the ear flaps up or down to keep you warm with a soft peacoat to let the colors of the hat pop.


The rich golden shades of our The Karina Red Fox Fur Jacket with Matching Collar are both glamorous and exotic. Wear this coat over a little black dress for a romantic night out or simply don it over skinny jeans for a modern look.

Our Sabrina Mink Fur Roller Hat with Mink Top in Mahogany is perfect to pair with a casual ensemble. The silky mink fur can accentuate an outfit of corduroy pants and a chic blazer.

Take inspiration from our favorite six pieces and create a street style that’s all your own. Be prepared to make heads turn on the street when you don our fantastic fur items during your daily activities.