Black Russian Mouton Sheepskin Hat

Stay Warm with Premium Russian Fur Hats

Russian full fur hats are definitely one of the premiere men’s winter hats that are very popular for being Russian style hats. Full fur winter hats will not only give you the warm feeling in time for the winter season but as well as the trendy look that any man would want to try. There are a lot of men’s winter hats available in the market but only few can give you the perfect sense of a winter hat and one of these highly acknowledged men’s winter hats is the Russian style hats, the Russian full fur hats which are best described as Russian style hats.

From a lucrative amount of $449.95 down to $299.95, you can get one of the most gorgeous coyote full fur russian hat and save up to 33% from the original price. Isn’t wonderful? You wont be able to find these Russian style hats at a lower price. Make sure to get yours as the stock is limited. The fur of this winter hat is long, lighter and certainly warm, which are excellent qualities of any Russian full fur hats.

These Russian style hats are made up of a genuine coyote full fur which includes fur ear that flaps. You have the option to put down the ear flaps to get a warmer feeling or simply folding the ear flaps to the top. This full fur hats have unique look, which gives a distinct color and texture pattern. The thick and golden fur of this Russian style hat provides the warmest feeling you can get.

Find your personal perfect fit, you only need to get the size of your head by measuring the circumference around your head. You can use a tape measure or a string to determine the size of your Russian full fur hat. Pair your fur hat with a pair of sheepskin gloves.