mahogany mink cossack hat

Keep Warm with a Russian Cossack Hat

When the temperature falls, there is no better way to be protected from the chills and still look fashionable than wearing a Russian Cossack hat.  Snow and freezing weather should not be a problem, instead use harsh weather to make a fashion statement.  Cossack hats are made from the softest furs such as rabbit, mink, silver fox, mouton, sheared beaver, and are sure to keep your face framed in luxury.

Russian Cossack hats are also sometimes called a “Ushanka” hat, which means ear flaps.  There are 2 ear flaps which you can tie up at the top or bottom.  When you let the ear flaps down, you get protection from the winter-y cold wind for your ears, back of the neck and chin.  Cossack hats have a thick fur exterior and polyester lining, and are available in several colors like black, brown, mahogany, gray, and many more.  You can buy them with the Soviet badge, (which is detachable), for an authentic look.  There are many different sizes to choose from to ensure a great fit.

The Russian Cossack hats has been used by the Russians for centuries, and have been proven to protect them from the very harsh winters of Russia and Ukraine.  In 1040, Cossack or Ushanka hats became part of the Russian army and police uniforms. They became popular outside of Russia because of the warmth the hats provide, then in the UK and the USA, after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

So, this fall/winter season, get your Russian Cossack hats and let it snow! It will go with your every outfit – from your jeans and jacket to a nice winter coat.  Wear matching scarves and boots.  These hats will keep your head warm, making you look luxurious and bundled up even on the coldest days.