Flowers + Berries sure to make you Blush

I have to admit, this Allure October 2013 feature I found on the We Are Fur blog, made my cheeks blush a light shade of pink.

Photographer Sebastian Kim captures the beautifully tranquil looking model, Julia Frauche, in a sphere of pinks, peaches and lilac.

allure-us-2013-10-oct (dragged) 2     allure-us-2013-10-oct (dragged) 6

This fall and winter you don’t have to stay focused on the typical neutral colors that we all feel so safe wearing. A pop of pink or rose can stay subtle, and a bold raspberry or purple accent can be balanced.

Both our Soft Rabbit Fur Jacket with 3/4 Sleeves and Finn Raccoon Trim and Rabbit Fur Vest with Mongolian Sheep Lamb Trim offer simple looks with an antique rose color. These wardrobe staples are elegant, and in a color that is becoming more and more popular.

rose3quartercoat     rosevest

This Pink Fox Fur Headband is an easy way to add a glimpse of pale pink into your outfit. The cool thing about this headband is that it may also be worn as a collar or scarf. The accessorizing possibilities are never ending.

pinkheadband2     pinkcollar

Maybe you’re not afraid of a little color, but are looking to incorporate it into your look in a different way? Our Raspberry Wide Fox Fur Slap on Cuffs are sure to grab some attention while adding flair to your ensemble.


This stylish and unique Purple Fox Fur Strip Boa Scarf will add texture and depth to any sweater, coat or jacket. Each strip of silky fox fur has soft leather on the opposite side to keep you looking warm and edgy. 

purple scarf

It really is easier than you think to take a simple color risk. Why not start playing around with these gorgeous colors that will remind you of flowers and berries.