Product Spotlight: Silver Indigo Fox Fur Headband

Silver Indigo Fox Fur Headband

Take two items that are a huge style hit this season (fur and headbands), put them together and you have this gorgeous Silver Indigo Fox Fur Headband.  Keeping your ears warm in the winter is a necessity, there is no way you’ll make it through with cold ears but why always settle for a hat when you can go the chic route with a headband? Headbands have returned this season with a bang and women everywhere are noticing its stylish potential.

We carry a wide variety of fur headbands at FurHatWorld, varying in color, design and fur, the options are endless.  No matter what your style, whether you prefer a bold look or something more subtle you will definitely find the perfect headband.

My personal favorite is our Silver Indigo Fox Fur headband because it is classic and bold all jumbled in to one fabulous accessory.  Silver Indigo fur is a neutral color so it can be paired perfectly with any color.  The fun thing about this headband is that it doubles as a collar so you’re essentially getting two for one.  Wear it as a headband outside and change it over to a collar draped over your shoulders once you head indoors.

The Silver Indigo Fox Fur Headband is not only my favorite headband but it is also the headband of choice of many of our valued customers.  Don’t believe me? check out the magnificent reviews on this headband..


Have just received the silver indigo fox fur headband. Fantastic. So warm and looks beautiful as a collar on my black leather coat. I will be ordering more soon.

5Out of 5 starsOut of 5 stars

I purchased Indigo headband just before Xmas and it arrived very promptly. colour, quality and fit first class. have just ordered another.

5Out of 5 starsOut of 5 stars

Awesome! Just beautiful and extremely warm. Looks really sophisticated with black coat.

5Out of 5 starsOut of 5 stars

These are just a couple of the fabulous reviews that can be found on our website.  To view more product reviews for the Silver Indigo Fox Fur Headband and maybe treat yourself to your very own click here!