Kim Kardashian Spotted in an Amazing Fur Hat!!

Womens Crystal Fox Full Fur Russian HatKim Kardashian has been spotted wearing this lovely fur hat, although not quite cold enough for fur she is sure to be ready when the cold weather hits!!

It may be the middle of July, but that’s not stopping Kim Kardashian from modeling a favorite fur hat for fans.

In a move that’s sure to rile her frenemies at PETA, Kardashian sported the fuzzy wonder in an impromptu shoot with a friend.

Kim’s buddy and makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, who also threw on the hat for a few frames herself.

It’s said that BF Kayne West has been styling Kim a lot lately, but no word on whether he approved of the polar chapeau, or if he was on hand for the photos.

What we do wonder is this: What on Earth will Kim wear on her head in December!?

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