How To Wear A Fur Scarf

A Fur Scarf is the perfect winter accessory.  It will keep you warm, with the soft fur wrapped around your neck the cold winter air is no match for you and your scarf.  Not only will you stay warm in a fur scarf but you will also make a style statement.  There are many different styles of fur scarves, all give off a different look that will help enhance your personal style.

Boa Style

  • A Boa Scarf is the most glamorous of scarves
  • This style scarf is less about keeping you warm and more about accessorizing your outfit
  • Pair a boa scarf with a little black dress and some cute pumps for a fun and glamorous look
  • Boa scarves come in natural fur colors such as coyote fur.  They also come in different colors, paying homage to a feather boa except far more fabulous

Hood Scarf

  • If you are looking for a versatile scarf that can be worn in more than one way then the Hood Scarf might be just what you’re looking for
  • Wear the scarf around your neck, like you would any other scarf.  When the wind is blowing or the snow is falling pull the scarf up into a hood to protect your ears and hair.
  • Pair this scarf with a classic neutral colored pea coat for a sophisticated look

Cowl/Infinity Scarf

  • A Cowl Scarf is a scarf that has its ends attached, some people refer to it as an “eternity scarf” because there is no beginning and no end
  • This style scarf is extremely warm, it will keep your neck bundled
  • Cowl Scarves have become extremely popular over the past couple seasons, they provide a very fashionable look
  • A Cowl Scarf can be paired with many different outfits, wear it with a cute coat and boots for outdoors, pair it with a wool sweater and leggings for a casual look or even a blazer and trousers for completely different vibe

Pull Through Scarf

  • A Pull Through Scarf eliminates the bulkiness often brought on by a regular scarf
  • Simply pull one end of the scarf through the hole on the other side
  • No worrying about all the ways to tie a scarf, pull it through and you’re done, ready to go
  • This style of scarf is practical and warm but also helps create a perfect sleek and smooth look underneath your coat


  • A traditional scarf is suitable for just about anything, it can be worn to stay warm or worn to accessorize
  • A traditional fur scarf is perfect for cold days, simply wrap around your neck a couple times and the fur will keep you toasty warm
  • Pair this style scarf with a blazer and trousers to perfectly compliment your outfit
  • The traditional fur scarf will last you for many years and will not go out of style