Fur Is Green & Sustainable

Fur is a natural, renewable and sustainable resource that is more environmentally friendly than synthetic furs. Furs that come from this industry are abundant and there are no endangered animals used for these fur products. We will explore some of the reasons as to why real fur is green and a sustainable industry.environmentally friendly

  • Fur is an organic material that is biodegradable, unlike most synthetic furs that are made with petrochemicals. So fake furs, like other plastics and synthetics, don’t break down and will remain in land fills for centuries.
  • Real fur is naturally resilient and long lasting when cared for properly. When you care for your fur garments, they’ll provide many years of enjoyment and functionality. They can be passed down, reused and recycled before it biodegrades.
  • Fur is a renewable resource in the sense that the industry uses only part of what nature produces without depleting wildlife populations. Also, the goal is to not damage the natural habitat that supports the animals. Synthetics by contrast are made from petroleum which is non-renewable and harms the environment.
  • This industry has committed to international agreements on humane trapping methods that protects animal welfare. These programs protect animal welfare in practical ways, when animals are taken for food as well as fur.
  • The agreement on International Humane trapping standards was agreed upon by Russia, Europe and Canada. This agreement establishes the required standards for approval and certification of animal trapping. This treaty is a dynamic one in the sense that it provides for continued improvement of animal welfare as related to trapping.