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Fur Hat Buying Guide

198x247_Rabbit_Full_Fur_Russian_Ushanka_Hat_Black_351198x247_Shearling_Sheepskin_Olie_Hat_Black_1458Aviator Hat

Not only will a fur hat keep your head warm on the coldest of days but you will also look great while wearing it.  Fur hats are a fun winter accessory that will spice up your outfit.  With so many styles and designs to choose from you can have a fur hat for any occasion, from the Zhivago hat, perfect for a high fashion look or the Trapper hat which is ideal to wear for outdoor activities such as ice skating.  Here are some pointers that will help you choose the perfect fur hat that will satisfy both your needs and wants,

Choose a Hat Type

When thinking about buying a hat it is important to think about where you plan on wearing it and what it’s main function will be.  Some fur hats are perfect for leisure activities and offer a casual look and feel, other fur hats are dressier and intended more for fashion use.  It is important to choose a hat that will meet your specifications.

Russian Style Fur Hat

  • A Russian Style Fur hat is a traditional hat that originated in Russia known for its ear flaps
  • This style of hat is extremely warm and was originally designed to handle to cold Russian winters.  If it can keep someone warm during the winter in Russia it can keep anyone warm.
  • The Russian hat features a flat top
  • By wearing the ear flaps down you are able to protect your ears, chin and top of the neck from the cold.
  • Tie the ear flaps up on more mild days
  • All Russian hats feature either a string or a buckle at the bottom of the ear flaps, these can be used if you choose to tie the flaps up or tie them underneath your chin.  The hat generally features a traditional tie or in more modern designs a buckle.

Trooper Fur Hats

  • A Trooper hat features a very similar design to the Russian hat, it has the ear flaps that can be worn down or up and has a flat top.
  • The trooper fur hat has a fur lined interior with an exterior that is not fur, generally leather or suede exterior.
  • Generally feature a tie at the bottom of the ear flaps rather than a buckle strap.

 Aviator Fur Hats

  • The Aviator Fur Hat is one of the most popular styles of fur hats on the market.  This type of fur hat is also the most casual style out of all the fur hats, which may explain its popularity.
  • This style hat features a rounded top instead of a flat one that is seen on the Russian and Trooper style hats.
  • Features a fur interior on the front and side flaps but generally has a quilted lining on the inside of the hat.  The exterior of an aviator hat is most popularly seen in a taslon exterior but it was traditionally made from leather.
  • Since the Aviator hat is a casual hat it generally features a buckle strap at the bottom.  The metal buckle allows for you to securely wear the ear flaps up or down.
  • The Aviator hat is ideal for outdoor activities.  Perfect for activities such as ice skating or tobogganing because it is casual and features a durable exterior.

 Russian Cossack Style Fur Hats

  • The Russian Cossack Fur Hat is one of the classiest of the fur hats.  It is perfect for that refined gentleman who enjoys wearing hats whenever he goes out.
  • This design of hat features a brim that goes all around the hat, usually about 3 inches thick.
  • The top of the hat is indented in the middle, creating a very classic look that is perfect for a dressier look.
  • A good Cossack hat will have ear flaps that can be tucked in to the inside of the hat but worn down when you need a little extra warmth.

Coonskin Caps

  • The Coonskin Cap is better known as the “Davy Crockett Hat” which originated in the 18th century.
  •  A Coonskin Cap features a flat top hat with a full fur exterior and the essential genuine fur tail in the back.
  • Traditionally seen in raccoon fur but over the years the concept of the hat has been modified and has been seen featuring everything from Red Fox Fur to Coyote Fur.
  • A quality Coonskin Cap should include retractable ear flaps that can be tucked inside the hat

Zhivago Pill Box Fur Hats

  • The Zhivago Pill Box Fur Hat is the most stylish and high fashion of the fur hats.  Women often pair this hat with a fancier outfit and it makes for the perfect accessory.
  • Very flattering style and makes your face look delicate and attractive
  • Oversized shape gives off a one of a kind look that is unique to this specific design.
  • The exterior of a Zhivago Pill Box Fur hat is always fur, often a luxurious, longer fur like Fox.  The interior of a top quality hat will be lined with soft satin for ultimate comfort.

Roller Hats

  • The roller hat features a rounded brim that is always made from fur.  Materials used on the top of the hats ranges from leather, to suede to fur.
  • The top of the hat is also rounded and fits snug against your head
  • This hat is a classic hat that is perfect to dress up.  It offers a stylish and elegant look.
  • Pair it with a pea coat for a stroll in the park, shopping at boutique stores or attending a winter outdoor event.

Consider the Fur Type

Fur type is very important when choosing a fur hat.  Furs range in price so your budget can often be a factor in what type of fur you decide on.  Texture and warmth is also another major factor, some furs are extremely long and soft and others are shorter with a velvety feel.  Think about what textures you like and what style you are going for.

 Rabbit Fur

  • Rabbit fur is soft and warm
  • It is noted for being an inexpensive fur
  • Rabbit generally has a medium length guard hair and it comes in a variety of natural colors
  • Generally not as durable as other furs
  • The texture is silky and the color should be uniform throughout

 Shearling Sheepskin

  • Shearling Sheepkin is a natural sheepskin that has been sheared while the leather side has been sueded.
  • One of the warmest furs on the market, you will surely stay warm with as Shearling Sheepskin hat.
  • Sheepskin has natural fibers that help regulate body temperature, this means you will never overheat in this hat.

 Mouton Sheepskin

  • Mouton lamb is sheared sheepskin. The hair is straightened, treated, and set to make a soft, water-repellent, close fur
  • Sometimes the fur may be dyed black or brown to imitate Alaska or northern fur seal or beaver.
  • It may also be dyed other colors, although the natural color is generally off-white.
  • This type of fur is extremely warm
  • Mouton Sheepskin is very soft so you will feel comfortable while wearing it

Mink Fur

  • Mink is a very soft fur that feel luxurious to the touch
  • The guard hairs should be silky and even in length but the underfur should be more dense and compact
  • It is a durable fur that can last for many years if it cared for properly.
  • Mink should have a naturally lustrous sheen
  • Generally more expensive but it is a higher end fur

 Natural Beaver Fur

  • Beaver fur is shiny, with coarse guard hair and soft, very thick underfur.
  • Beaver comes in a wide array of natural colors, from dark brown, to black to light brown.
  • Natural beaver provides for a more rugged look and look good on men’s fur hats due to their rugged look.
  • This is a very resilient and durable fur

Sheared Beaver

  • Shared Beaver is plucked and sheared to create a velvety soft pile
  • The feel of this fur is extremely soft and a Sheared Beaver hat is exceptionally warm, it is one of the warmest furs around.
  • Sheared Beaver has been known to mat when wet
  • This fur does require care and once-a-year cleaning

Muskrat Fur

  • Muskrat fur is extremely versatile and can be used in many different ways.  This type of fur can be dyed to resemble other furs such as mink or plucked and sheared to look like beaver.
  • Muskrat fur is generally dark brown or black
  • The fur has glossy soft guard hairs and a short, dense undercoat

 Coyote Fur

  • Coyote fur is long and dense and will keep you warm if worn as a hat
  • Its color is usually pale grey or tan with a thick, pale underfur
  • Coyote fur is durable so it is perfect for extreme weather conditions
  • If you are looking for an exotic, luxurious look then coyote is the perfect choice

 Raccoon Fur

  • Raccoon fur has body guard hairs that are long
  • Raccoon fur can be very resilient if cared for properly and could last for many years.
  • The fur is silver in color with black tips and the grey sides shade to black along the middle of the back
  • This fur is soft and lush, which gives off a luxurious look

Fox Fur

  • Fox Fur comes in a wide range of natural colors, more than any other fur.  Colors include silver, crystal, red, grey and white.
  • This fur is very long and soft, it is very luxurious to wear and you will feel absolute comfort wearing a hat made out of this fur.
  • Regular brushing will help keep the fur fluffy and full
  • Fox Fur gives any hat a more classy and fashionable look; it is usually featured on dressier hats.

 Faux Fur

  • Faux Fur is a synthetic fur that does not come from a living animal
  • Faux Fur is designed to resemble any animal and often it can be difficult to tell the difference
  • This type of fur is low maintenance and does not require any special storage
  • Faux Fur is not as warm as natural fur and it as not as breathable as fur from an animal.