Fur Fashion At Any Age

One of the many reasons why fur is so appealing is because it looks good and works on people at any age.  Women in their 50’s can wear fur just as easily as a woman in her 20’s.  Style changes and evolves with age but if a woman can figure out what types of fur trends suit her best then she will undoubtedly look amazing and fabulous.

Fur fashion blog furinsider.com recently highlighted fur trends for every age group and provided helpful hints on fur trends perfect for every age category.

Here is some of furinsider.com’s insights on fur fashion for every age,

Usually in 20s you are more adventurous with fashion which makes you unafraid of experimenting with color and silhouettes.


This age group focuses on the fun and trendy with celebrities often seen mixing fur and other bold fashion trends for an edgy look.

Oscar de la Renta - New York February 2013

Your 30s are the time to be even more glamorous and daring while experimenting with your own personal style and new found confidence.


Women in their 40s can be just as sexy and stylish as their younger counterparts by mixing classics with modern chic looks and even a bit of sexy styling. The result is often sophisticated looks that have an air of maturity and comfort.


Nothing is sexier than a woman who shows her own personal style with confidence. Many women feel as if they can’t be as stylish as they were in their younger years, but as we know, age is no barrier to style.

Stella McCartney - Paris Fashion Week- Spring/Summer '09

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