Fashion Icons

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From the red carpet to the runway, major style icons have been sporting fur for centuries! The timeless and glamorous appeal of a fur coat or stole can turn any celeb’s outfit into a statement piece.
Eccentric businesswoman Iris Apfel became an instant fashion icon and a staple of high-society parties through her creative style and design career. Miss Apfel can be seen wearing vibrant shaggy fox fur coats and luscious boas with her patented over-sized glasses.

Apfel has participated in restoration projects for The White House, her work has been featured in major museums, and remains an inspiration even at the age of 94! This living legend may mix up her wardrobe with ebony mink stoles and is frequently pictured with vivid fur purses.

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The late actress Marilyn Monroe captured the heart of America through her celebrated, but all too short film career in the 1950’s. Monroe was frequently photographed in ivory fur boas and sable mink jackets.

This pop culture icon tragically passed away in 1962, but her beautiful appearance and scintillating style remain relevant to this day. Iconic portraits showcase Monroe as a vision in sophisticated fur collars and capes.

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Socialite Olivia Palermo worked as a PR agent for designer Diane von Furstenberg and was featured in the MTV show, “The City.” Palermo has worked for Elle, modeled for numerous publications, and maintains a thriving jewelry line.

Palermo can be seen on Best Dressed lists donning modern and chic fur coats. Her youthful style of fox fur stoles and scarves make her a style inspiration for younger generations.

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Media mogul Kim Kardashian is as known for her personal life as well as her illustrious career. The star of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” owns a successful fragrance and cosmetics line, and has modeled for lifestyle and fashion magazines.

With her two young children in tow, Kardashian has been snapped by the paparazzi in glossy mink coats and fox fur vests. Her svelte style is both urban and professional, while maintaining an ere of luxury.

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These four fashion icons prove that fur can be worn in a variety of ways and always be glamorous. The verdict is in; fur is here to stay!