Fur Products

How do I clean fur?

Spot cleaning with water may work for small stains and smells. Larger stains and heavier cleaning should be brought to a professional. Any local furrier or dry cleaner who is familiar with fur cleaning will work. Fur should only be air dried.

To be sure we recommend checking out our Fur Care articles.

Is fur breathable?

Real fur is exceptionally breathable. It will keep you warm, but not cause overheating when worn in the proper weather.

What fur can be worn in summer?

Fur is a great choice for bold summer style! We would suggest choosing something more lightweight like one of our knitted fur products. Knitted fur allows for the garment to breathe and be suitable for all seasons.

What is knit fur?

Knit fur refers to a method of construction using fur. Pelts are hand cut in to a long strip and used as a durable fur yarn.  The fur strips are knitted onto a canvas (usually cotton). Knit fur pieces are very strong and lightweight.  Knitted fur has become extremely popular over the last several years and it can be found in anything from hats to jackets to blankets.  Mink and rex rabbit are regularly used in this fashion.

What is the best fur?

No one fur is necessarily better than another. Each fur has different characteristics and provides a different look. For information on what each fur brings, take a look at our Types of Fur article.

Does fur shed?

Fur is a natural product and you may see some shedding. This is similar to any new garment like a new hooded sweater or a fresh pair of socks, where the new items shed the excess fibers. We would suggest shaking your new item out and releasing any loose guard hairs that may have come out during the shipping process. From there all or most shedding should subside.

Why should I choose real fur?

Real fur is much more breathable than other materials, such as synthetic faux fur. It provides warmth that can’t be rivaled by other fibers – natural or synthetic. Natural fur looks exceptional; the sheen and texture cannot be duplicated, despite many efforts.

Real fur is also eco-friendly; it’s sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. It is much more efficient; it takes 3x as much energy to produce faux fur as it does real fur.

Where are your products made?

We are proud to offer a diverse product line. We offer a wide range of North American made products as well as some products made overseas. On each product’s page we list where the item is made.

How do I know my size?

Each product has its own individual sizing chart.  When you select an item click on the sizing chart tab on the product page under the product description; simply cross-check the measurements with your own to ensure you have ordered the correct size.  Only sizes available in stock will be shown on the sizing chart.

Are your products authentic?

We only sell new products and take great pride in what we sell.  Each product has a clear indication as to what type of material is used and we only use authentic fur, sheepskin and some faux fur.  The materials used in a product will be clearly indicated on the product name and description.

What if my size is not available?

Our stock on the website is real time, so whatever is available may be purchased.  When we receive new stock we put it on the website immediately for purchase. Please check the website and as soon as available feel free to place your order.

If an item is sold out or out of stock there will be an expected arrival date on the product page if we are expecting more stock.

All sizes we offer are shown in the sizing drop down menu on the product page; if your size is not available there will be an expected date of when it will be in stock.  If there is no expected date it means that product is most likely not available in that size.

Do you do custom sizing?

Contact us to find out about custom sizing on a specific item.

Custom sizing is available on select items. Please call our customer support line or send us an email to ask if an item you wish to order is available for custom sizing.

What is a sheared product?

Shearing fur removes the long hairs from the fur which portrays the extremely soft underfur of the animal.

“Shearing” is a process certain furs go through to give it a different look. Shearing fur removes the long hairs from the fur which portrays the extremely soft underfur of the animal. The most commonly sheared furs are beaver and mink because of just how soft their underfur is and how appealing this is in fur products.

Which fur type is the warmest?

Long haired beaver and sheepskin are known to be two of the warmest fur types available.

Fur is one of the warmest insulators, which is why it’s so highly used in winter wear. Certain fur types are warmer than others, however, any fur will keep you toasty warm during those cold winter months.

Will my fur get damaged if it comes in contact with water or rain?

Light rain or snow will not harm your fur.

Fur merchandise is meant to withstand winter weather such as snow or sleet, but should not be exposed to heavy rain fall and should not be submerged in water. Light rain or snow will not harm your fur, damp fur can be air dried to restore its natural beauty.

Order Information

My package arrived damaged! What should I do?

Our products are well-packaged to withstand damage during shipping.  If your box looks damaged upon delivery, take a photo of the box before opening. If you find that the product is damaged inside, contact us immediately.

Do you have a retail outlet?

We have an online store with offices and warehouses in Canada and the United States for distribution and customer service.  Products seen on our website are shipped factory direct to our customers and as a result we pass savings on to the customer therefore we do not operate a retail store.

Some of our products can be found in retail outlets in various locations around the world however these outlets are independent and not directly associated with our online store.

What currency will I be charged in?

US Customers will be charged in USD.

Canadian customers will be charged in CAD.

All customers outside of Canada will be charged in USD.

Can I modify or cancel my order?

Contact us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel or modify your order. The quickest way to reach us is by phone or the chat function on the website.

* Please note that once an item has been shipped, an order cannot be cancelled or modified. *

How do I use my promo code?

After you have added all your items in to the shopping cart, enter the promo code in the box under the sub-total, press “go” and then choose the checkout method of choice to proceed immediately through to checkout with the promo activated for your order.

You can view all of the current promo / coupon codes Here.

Do you accept exchanges?

We do not offer traditional exchanges. We suggest placing a new order prior to returning your original order; this ensures that we don’t run out of your product or size while the return is in transit.

All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

What payment options do I have?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal.

Is my personal information kept private?

Yes, we guarantee that all your personal data will be kept private and confidential, and that we will never give out any of your personal data without your authorization.

I do not wish to have the receipt in the box, is this possible?

The only thing inside the box will be the merchandise you have ordered and a packing slip to tell you exactly what’s inside the box. The packing slip will not have any prices on it.