Coonskin Caps for Kids

Coonskin caps aren’t just for the prairie anymore! Your little ones will adore the look and feel of a real coonskin hat, and you’ll love how adorable they look. Our Kids Davy Crockett Rabbit Hat can be adjusted for your child’s comfort with a fun swinging raccoon fur tail to boot!

Your kid will love learning about the American pioneers Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett while wearing their new fur cap. Children can put down the video game controllers and get a new sense of adventure after learning about these adventurers. You can even help them set up a presentation for school with their new knowledge of these folk heroes. All they need is a coonskin cap and a story!

A coonskin cap is great for dress up games. Why play the same old cops and robbers game when you can be an adventurer in a log cabin? The best part is the true warmth and comfort of the cap to brave the elements. Children can play outside in the fall and winter without constantly complaining “I’m cold, Mom!”

Speaking of fall, a coonskin cap can make a great accessory for a pioneer Halloween costume. How cute would Junior look in a raccoon cap and a fringed suede jacket? A toy rifle or a plastic tomahawk are completely optional!

Apart from being lush and cozy, our Kids Real Coonskin Davy Crockett Cap is also fashionable and functional for a photo shoot! Your little one may fuss and fight when it comes time for family pictures, but they’ll enjoy playing pretend and posing in a cool coonskin cap.

Babies look especially precious donning a fur cap. Set up a photo shoot for your little bear or bunny with a wilderness theme. Grab a woodsy backdrop and some stuffed animals to keep your baby occupied and looking adorable. You can also don a matching cap for a Mommy and me shoot! These treasured moments will let you cherish your unique newborn photos for years to come.

The possibilities are endless when your child puts on a coonskin cap. Your children can help Dad build a fort in the yard. Maybe they can pretend to be in the wild and make a miniature log cabin in their bedroom? Your little one can learn pioneer crafts or cook simple recipes with Mom during a rainy day. A lush coonskin cap lets your kid’s imagination run free to the wilderness from the comfort of their own safe space.

Even Mom and Dad can rock the coonskin cap look and look amazing!