Addicted To Fur Bowler Hats? You Are Not Alone

Addicted To Fur Bowler Hats? You Are Not AloneBowler hats have a rich history that can be traced back to London hat designers and makers, William and Thomas Bowers. The inspiration for this piece was the need for a headwear that could be worn by gamekeepers to protect their heads from branches that hung low when they were in the field. The story behind the first bowler hat is that Edward Coke, a younger brother to Leicester’s 2nd Earl personally ensured the quality of the first hat produce in a London shop.

All the first bowler hats were made using fur felt. This not only ensured their robustness and style but also made them water repellent. The today’s bowler hat is made of rabbit fur or wool felt that has been tightly spun, a process that ensures that they are still as robust and long-lasting as the original hats.

The wool felt bowler hat is more expensive than the rabbit fur hat although they are of a lower quality and are not as durable as the latter. The wool felt bowlers are mostly spotted with judges at agricultural shows who don’t frequently wear the hat.

An Icon of Style

Bowler hats have been seen as an icon of style through the generations. Originally these hats were won by officials at agricultural shows but were later picked by world leaders all over the globe. Popular personalities who adorned these hats include Winston Churchill, the former English prime minister, and Benito Mussolini, the former Italian prime minister, and fascist party leader.  Although these two personalities were naturally strong politicians in that era of powerful leadership, the bowler hat gave them some sort of personality.

The later in the 1920s the bowler hats were picked by comedians and was a symbol of goofiness. Comedy actors like Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel of the slapstick comedy duo made the hat their brand. It has also been spotted in animations such as “The Adventures of Tintin” where the character Thomson wears it and “Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost”.

Bowler hats are also famous with literature heroes and heroines such as Leopold Bloom the protagonist in Ulysses by James Joyce. Although some of the characters that have adorned bowler hats over the years are fictional, they have still highlighted the royalty of this hat.

An Icon of Style

From Runways to the Streets

The bowler hat is a timeless fashion accessory that is commonly seen on the runways and also spotted by ordinary people in the streets. The hats are made of different colors from bright colors like yellow, to brown and the most common one is the black color. You can match a bowler hat with a variety of cloth designs like sunny dresses, trousers, shorts, tights and even coats.

The bowler hats are sold for $30 upwards depending on the material and designer. You can also request for a hat maker to customize your own hat and add some fancy details. It doesn’t matter what material of bowler hat you buy, you can’t afford to miss this piece in your wardrobe.