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Attitudes Towards Real Fur Are Relaxing

Real fur has tremendous benefits and looks amazing at the same time. Global fur sales are increasing and attitudes are relaxing as people realize the solid benefits of real fur. There are a few reasons as to why people are beginning to have more positive attitudes towards the fur trade. We will list some of these reasons and how they have changed people’s perceptions about this industry.

  • The very cold winter of 2013 fueled increased sales of fur garments, as people sought the warmth that comes from real fur. When it comes to cold protection, its hard to beat the heat retention abilities of fur.
  • Fur fashion has become much more appealing in recent years. There were nearly 500 clothing designers using fur for their fall 2014 collections. Fur fashions can now be found in end department stores, designer boutiques and specialty retailers.
  • One very large triumph for animal welfare and the fur trade was the creation of the Origin Assured (OA) program. This program was launched in November 2007 at a conference in Moscow. This might be the most important initiative ever to emerge for the fur trade. This program assures that the fur in a garment originates from a country where there are regulations in place governing fur production and animal welfare.

Fur that bears the OA™ mark gives consumers the confidence that the garment they just bought comes from a country that has regulations in place governing this industry.

So there you have some solid reasons as to why attitudes are becoming much more positive towards this industry. Stay warm and enjoy your highly fashionable fur.