1970’s Fall Trend

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Some of the trends this fall are leaning more towards exaggerated silhouettes, bold prints, and unique detailing of the 1970’s. We love this style so much because of the wide array of fur one can incorporate into their wardrobe. The music that played from your 8 tracks or vinyl record players were a form of inspiration for most people when pondering their outfit choices. You would see large collars and skin tight pants. Free flowing robes and extremely loud prints in maxi skirts and dresses. As well as, minimalist concepts such as mono toned skirts and dresses with exaggerated shapes.

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Today, fearless fashionistas all over have been presenting their bell bottoms and butterfly collars with a refined take of their own. We have assimilated the style of the 70’s into the 21st century; however, these street stylists can’t take all of the credit. We also give thanks to the inventive fashion designers that represent their refreshing takes on a classic 70’s ensemble.The look of a jacket such as our Bianca red fox fur jacket can be intimidating to wear. Mainly, because of the different ways one can wear such an item. Incorporating this piece with a pair of wide leg denim or trousers can be a great combination. If executed correctly, this outfit is complementary towards all body types. However, one should always consider this style dilemma as a balancing act, the weight on the top half should be evenly distributed onto the bottom half as well.

This does not necessarily take away from the coat, all we have done is evenly distributed the weight on the top and the bottom half. This gives the illusion that the fullness of the coat is not so overwhelming to the eye, it also evens out the shape of the outfit. Bold patterns are also a very daunting fashion option that can easily be translated into a fashion faux pas. Fur is another great piece to incorporate into an outfit that showcases a bold print. This offers the viewer a little bit of a break when taking in the unique pattern.

Fur Accessories

Fur Accessories

Including our Melodie blue fox fur bomber, is a unique way to bring out a neutral as well as add shape and texture into the outfit. If you are looking to incorporate more detail into your outfit, then our Jada rabbit fur vest would be a great alternative if the Mongolian sheepskin is not your taste.

70's accessories

70’s accessories