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Some big names in the west have worn the Ushanka throughout the years. Like American President Gerald R. Ford, or Canadian comedian Dan Aykroyd, or videogame Russian "The Heavy" who is very popular with the younger crowd. So no matter what generation you hail from, you've got some familiar famous folks showing you the way to fashion greatness.

And the Ushanka is the real deal. Translated as "ear hat", this beauty of a design protects not only your crown, but also your ears, cheeks, and chin from the worst kind of weather. You can't get a piece of headgear anywhere that will give you more protection from the cold than one of our premium full fur hats. Even in the worst weather you'll encounter, with cold plunging deep into the negative degrees, your skin will be protected by this amazing hat.

So, since with the purchase of one of our premium full fur hats the ultimate in warmth can be yours, all you really need to do is figure out which of our luxurious options suits you the best. With a beautiful range of colors there's bound to be one which fits your wardrobe perfectly.

Our premium full fur hats are first offered in the entry range of raccoon and muskrat fur. Then you have the middle of the range coyote, beaver, and red fox fur models. Getting towards the upper end of the line we offer sheared beaver, black fox, mink, and blue fox. And of course, at the absolute top of the line, we have the stunning silver fox.

Recent Reviews About our Full Fur Russian Hats

Silver Fox Full Fur Russian Hat for Men Silver Fox Full Fur Russian Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

NZdoug from New Zealand
July 6, 2019

"I purchased the full fur silver fox hat. Wow! I am super impressed with the quality, well made. Dont see many (if any) of these in New Zealand, so am very stoked to have been able to purchase one with ease. I visited the site a number of times when was in the process of deciding and is easy to navigate, good photos and descriptions. I followed the sizing chart as I was an inbetween size, so went up to at-large, and it fits me perfectly. I paid for Express delivery as I have an event I plan to wear this at, and it arrived in 4 working days, and that included the order day and time difference - outstanding. Is super warm, soft, symmetrical. Is the best buy. I'm a happy customer and have already recommended to my little sister. I also have my eye on the silver fox trapper hat as a user friendly everyday wear, so will be purchasing from you again. Thanks! Doug"

Sheared Beaver Full Fur Russian Hat for Men Sheared Beaver Full Fur Russian Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

Gnome from Divide, CO
February 19, 2019

"Just an update on my recent purchase of full fur sheared beaver hat. Wore it hard water fishing last week at -24° F...without wind chill. -50 factoring in the wind. This is the warmest hat I've ever had on my head! Form and function all in one! FHW can't be beat @ price/quality/shipping. Got sheepskin slippers from them arriving tomorrow. Can't wait to put them on my feet."

Silver Fox Full Fur Russian Hat for Men Silver Fox Full Fur Russian Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

Michael Maloof from Reston, Virginia
February 9, 2019

"I recently purchased both the silver fox and coyote Ushanka full fur hats, and couldn't be more pleased with both. They not only are very practical and functional in design in providing full warmth for my head, but they are spectacular in appearance. I chose these two as a match for the silver fox to go with my black coat and coyote to go not only with brown but black jackets as well. For the well below freezing temperatures we experience even in Virginia, I wouldnt have any other head cover. Compared to other outlets for Ushankas, I have found that Fur Hat World takes meticulous care in quality and craftsmanship with their Ushanka hats, which makes them all the more enjoyable -- and essential in an outdoor winter wardrobe. Michael Reston, Virginia"

Coyote Full Fur Russian Hat for Men Coyote Full Fur Russian Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

Charles Mosley from Hammond IN USA
January 31, 2019

"Cool Cat: Hey I brought this hat back in 2015 but I had to update you on the performance in recent days we have had record setting temperatures here in Hammond IN i am talking 27 below zero with a windchill of 50 below zero due to the break up of the polar vortex This fur hat has out performed it has kept me warm the whole time not just good looking but it get the job done"

Brown Beaver Full Fur Russian Hat for Men Brown Beaver Full Fur Russian Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

David from Eastford, CT
January 18, 2019

"First of all, this is a beautiful, absolute top quality fur hat. I went with the brown beaver for it's classic and rugged look, water resistance and warmth. I get lots of great compliments on it and it looks fantastic. It is incredibly well made and warm like you wouldn't believe. This hat is exactly what I needed for keeping me warm (and highly fashionable) when snowshoeing the 3 miles up the mountain to my off-grid cabin in northern Vermont. I have to admit I was VERY skeptical about buying a fur hat on line, sight unseen. Based upon the feedback from others, I gave FurHatWorld a chance and was very glad I did. Selection from FurHatWorld is the best you will find anywhere. Shipping was fast - I had my hat in 2 days. From the moment I opened the box, I knew FurHatWorld was the real deal and a great company to do business with. Based upon my fantastic experience, I'm even thinking about ordering one for my son. Trust me, these guys are the real deal and sell a top quality product at one of the best prices you will find anywhere."

Black Fox Full Fur Russian Hat for Men Black Fox Full Fur Russian Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

Cool Cat from Hammond IN USA
January 11, 2019

"This hat is great I did not think you could improve over the other four hats I got but you did the addition of the head band is great your hats always come through with performance and good looks. the Black Fox has a different look than the silver fox that I got this one is more compact but I like it it is very stylish and warm good hat i will be back for more."

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